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Being a Little Greener With a Salt Water Pool

salt water pool

Chlorine pool systems have always been the most popular swimming pool systems and they’ll continue to be so for a long time. However, there is an increasing amount of salt water pools being built. Over the next several decades we can expect this trend to continue for a number of great reasons, but perhaps the best reason is to be more environmentally friendly.

This article will explain the environmental impact of both chlorine and salt water pools and why you should decide on a salt water pool to reduce your global footprint.

Chlorine Pools

Before we go into the advantages salt water pools have over chlorine pools it is best to have a basic understanding of chlorine pools. First, chlorine pools require a lot of maintenance. This is relevant because it means that owners need to spend more time maintaining the fragile chemical balance – as soon as it’s off balance it poses an algae risk to the pool.

To maintain chemical balance chlorine pools need large amounts of chlorine to be added into the pool monthly. Chemicals have a large impact on the environment so when there is excess chlorine and pool water run off it can quickly affect the ecosystem of the backyard. This is small in impact, but as the chlorinated water goes into the sewage systems from many homes and impact the environment.

Salt Water Pools

Now that we understand the impact chlorine swimming pools we can understand the benefits of salt water pools.

Salt Water Pool InfographicFirst, it’s important to note that a common misconception about salt water pools it that they do not contain chlorine. This is untrue. Salt water pool systems actually contain chlorine. The salt water system takes the salt from water and uses it to generate chlorine – but it’s a lot less chlorine than a traditional chlorine pool.

Salt Water Pools’ chemical balance is a lot easier to maintain. The salt water helps stabilize the balance and the “pool environment” which means there is flexibility in how much salt (and therefore chlorine) is in the pool.

With that in mind it salt water pools still have a small impact on the environment, but it is a lot less than traditional chlorine pools.


It’s true that neither type of pool has a huge environmental impact, but the most important message we’re trying to get across is that there are a lot of choices you can make in your life that has small environmental benefits. While one environmentally conscious decision doesn’t make a large impact, making a series of them definitely add up to contribute to the larger picture.

We hope that you consider purchasing a salt water pool system because becoming more green is a decision that everybody should make — and it all starts with the small decisions that we make that impact our daily footprint. Being able to slowly help out the environment is an important practice to make habit so make the right decision and begin taking advantage of the eco benefits of salt water pools.

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Laurie is a proud mother of 2 and home owner with a pool. Her 2 favorite hobbies include hiking and swimming. She created a blog to help others learn about pool care and maintenance called Ultimate Pool Guide.

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  • Salt water pool definitely have the advantage of providing a swimming experience far superior to the typical chemical soup many pools smell and feel like. The water quality is so much more enjoyable. There are concerns though in some areas particularly the Los Angeles basin where salt pools are forbidden due to environmental impacts of the salt in the pool water being drained to storm drains etc. There is another salt chlorination method patented by Chlorine Genie Inc. that harnesses the best of salt water pool systems without salting the pool water. It is worth having a look at if you are faced with the drawbacks and problems of a salt water system, but do not want the chemical soup of standard chlorinated pools. Thanks for the article.

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