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Are You Fed Up of Dry Hair? Here are the Tips to Treat Dry Hair

treat dry hair
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Having a dry and frizzled hair could give a lot of struggles and problems since having a healthy and bouncy hair is a must to complete our outfit and appearance. Everyday use of heating and styling tools, constant hair color and exposure to the sun could lead to dry hair. Fret no more though; the tips below are easy and affordable ways on how to treat dry hair.

  1. Use organic products.  Natural and eco-friendly product is increasingly trending as more and more consumers opt to choose these types of products. The use of organic ingredients is absolutely safe to use on all types of hair as they won’t irritate and dry up your scalp. Because they are safe and gentle, your hair will not be damaged and would become healthy and beautiful due to the nutrients, vitamins and oil it contains.
  2. Stimulate circulation. Our scalp is like a garden which needs to be regularly watered and fertilized. To have a healthy hair, our scalp needs to have regular circulation for the adequate supply of blood flow which contains all the nutrients our hair needs to be delivered to our hair follicles. Exercise, massages, cold showers and stimulating products found in some shampoos and conditioners are ways to promote circulation in your scalp. treat dry hair
  3. Don’t blow dry your hair. Heat causes damage to our hair and when you blow dry, it causes a flash drying effect which removes the surface moisture of your hair. This results to having your hair follicles become dry, rigid and brittle. Use an old T-shirt instead to dry your hair.
  4. Don’t use plastic. Avoid using plastic brushes for your hair as they have the tendency to break the hairs. Use wide tooth comb instead. Also stay away from hair products which contain silicone as though it gives you an impression of silky hair, it is used as a sealant against water and air which gives us the illusion of a fake shine from plastic.
  5. Nourish your hair with oil. Oils are important as they help to nourish and moisturize our hair, they also add body and shine to our crowning glory. Some of the best oil for healthier hair are coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, avocado oil for hair, olive oil for healthy hair, lavender oil and rosemary oil.
  6. Use deep conditioning mask. Deep conditioners help restore strength and replenish moisture from everyday hair stressors which leaves you with a healthy and bouncy mane. Regularly deep conditioning your hair makes it more manageable, softer, healthier, less prone to breakage and frizz. How often you deep condition depends on your hair type, some can do every 3-4 days while others can do at least once a week. Do not overdo it though, never try to deep condition y our hair for hours or overnight as this can result in mushy, weak hair.
  7. Include Omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids are a kind of unsaturated fats which are necessary for the body to function. This has a lot of benefits to our body, including giving us a healthy, shiny, and luminous hair. It also promotes hair growth, as well as adding sheen and luster to the hair. Include salmon, chia seeds, oysters, and seafood, spinach and soy beans in your diet as they are a great source of omega 3.
  8. Moisturize your hair with natural ingredients. There are a lot of ingredients on your kitchen that you can use as a moisturizer. Amongst them are eggs, yogurt, honey, beer and avocado. Natural ingredients are safe to use for all types of hair as they do not include harmful ingredients and chemicals that could damage your hair.


So it is time to say goodbye to your old dry and frizzy hair. With the tips above, you can get out of your house with a bouncy and shiny hair.


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