Tips for Becoming an Environmentally-Conscious Business Professional

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In this day and age, our environmental impact has become something not only of serious concern for us all, but something that we must start changing now. Our impact on the earth has increased exponentially just in the last few decades, and the negative effects that we have created have had extensive and even unanticipated negative consequences. Now more than ever the responsibility rests upon our shoulders to ensure that we leave a pleasant and livable planet for our children, and not let the burden of the future rest upon them.

One category of address on which I feel very strongly is the impact and effect that business professionals can have on the environment. It’s essential that business people throughout the nation begin to pay closer attention to how our decisions contribute to climate change.


Going Green in Business

The future of the planet could be affected in a positive manner if entire businesses and all of their employees were to take part in the green movement. I feel personally that there are a lot of courses of action that business people can take to be more environmentally friendly and many of them are pretty inexpensive and easy to apply. I’ve listed a few of these here.

The first and foremost idea of course is recycling. The costs for using recycled products is now rarely more expensive than using non-recycled products. In fact currently some recycled paper is actually cheaper than non-recycled. Printing paper, legal pads, invoice books, paper clips, staples, and other basic office materials can be purchased in their recycled form in most office supply stores and even bought in bulk from some distributors.  One can request that one’s company carry such products, and one can certainly use them in one’s own home too.


Being an Eco-Friendly Professional

Business professionals can engage in company-funded volunteer work to clean up the environment and make a real difference in their community. This is an excellent way for the company employees to bond and work together.  As individuals and co-workers, they can work towards a greater good and build their teamwork too.  On a personal level, one can start a campaign in one’s town along the same lines.

Vehicles nowadays are becoming greener and more environmentally-friendly. Entry-level cars are produced and rated at 35+ miles per gallon of gas used, and hybrid technology is the best it’s ever been. More and more business professionals are buying such cars and they set a good example for others. Carpooling is another great way to help promote a healthier environment and community.

Business professionals can use renewable energy to power their homes. Solar and wind power can be easily installed and hooked up to most homes.  To make this even more appealing to the American worker, some tax laws offer incentives for certain methods of powering and insulating a home in a renewable and energy conservative way.


Taking Responsibility for Your Footprint

Business professionals can take charge of the current condition of the planet and its resources. We’ve seen through many recent tragedies how much damage a company, business, or corporation can cause in this world. But we haven’t really seen the wonders and the greatness that even just a few thousand business professionals can do in the form of environmental cleanliness and conservatism. Now more than ever this needs to be the focus here.

As American entrepreneurs, we have the freedom, the mobility, and the ability to make our decisions for ourselves. We are the land of the free, and from small business owners to corporate giants, we have the freedom of choice to make our decisions for ourselves and decide whether or not to operate from an environmentally friendly perspective.


Per Wickstrom is the founder and CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation, one of the top holistic rehabilitation centers in the country. He found sobriety after a decades-long struggle with addiction and has since dedicated his life and career to helping others find the same life-affirming success he has. Learn more from Per by checking out his blog or connect with him via LinkedIn or Facebook.

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