Green Transportation: 5 Ways Electric Cars Help Save The Environment

green transportationFossil fuels are bad for the environment, but people are only going to stop using them when they have good alternatives. Electric cars are precisely the kind of alternative that can help people transition to green fuel sources. They can do a lot of different things to protect nature, which is one of the biggest reasons that they are becoming more popular. Here are just some ways that electric cars help save the environment.

Reduced Emissions

Most electricity comes from fossil fuels, but that is changing. Renewable solar resources are making it easier to use clean, environmentally-friendly electricity. Electric cars can use that clean electricity to avoid the pollution that comes from using fossil fuels, an option which is impossible for traditional automobiles.

Reduced Mining

Emissions aren’t the only way that fossil fuels can harm the environment. Drilling for oil can do significant harm to the environment, not only from the pollution that comes from drawing oil up out of the ground, but also by disrupting local ecosystems when drills are constructed. Solar power systems can provide electricity without disrupting the environment, so any system that can replace oil products with solar power can reduce the strain on nature and give local plant and animal populations a chance to recover.

Increased Efficiency

It’s best to replace oil and coal with solar and wind power, but electric cars are better for the environment even when they get their electricity from coal plants. Electric engines are significantly more efficient than combustion engines, so they use less energy to go the same distance. Using less energy means using less fuel, and reducing consumption is the best way to conserve resources.

Less Maintenance

Maintaining a car carries hidden environmental costs. Manufacturing new parts takes a lot of resources, so a car the more reliable the car, the better it is for the environment. Electric engines have fewer moving parts than combustion engines and put those parts under less stress, so they tend to need less maintenance than traditional vehicles. That may seem like a small benefit, but every little bit helps the environment.

Less Smog

Few things matter as much as energy conservation for the environment, but it’s not the only factor to consider. Smog can harm humans and wildlife and decrease quality of life in an area, and cars are the biggest contributor to the problem. Electric cars release very little smog compared to traditional cars, so they can clean up the air even as they help save energy.


Electric cars are getting more and more popular because they offer clear benefits to the environment. Those benefits are significant now, and they’re only going to get bigger as more people adopt renewable energy sources, such as solar power. Electric cars are definitely the way of the future.

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