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Oct 14

Two of the UK’s Greenest Cities

heathrow-specialist-pre-insulated-pipe- greenest citiesHistorically cities have been associated with industrialism and the pollution they produce, which was once an accurate association. Today there seems to have been a dramatic transformation in a lot of UK cities green initiatives and efforts to rid this association.

Many green initiatives and environmentally friendly solutions have developed over the years and I want to take a closer look at two cities in particular that have done exactly that.

Sheffield and Nottingham have appeared more than once in the list of top 10 greenest cities in the UK over the years, and I want to delve into the initiatives and actions that have been the reason for this. I will be looking particularly at the implementation of District Heating & Cooling as the energy saving solution that has contributed to this.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with District Heating and Cooling systems, let me enlighten you. This energy saving technology takes form through a network of pipes that are pre-insulated in order to maximise efficiency when transporting heat, hot water and cooling to a range of properties.


Sheffield as a city was particularly known for its industrial past but over recent decades it has turned its future around and today is known to be considerably more eco-friendly. Several green initiatives and developments are firmly in place including the Green and Open Space strategy that recognises the importance of the city’s peat bog and moorland areas.

Sheffield has their own website that boosts awareness of climate change among inhabitants of the city. Features include information on their recycling scheme and their efforts that have seen a reduction in carbon footprint by 62,000 tonnes annually.

Sheffield District Heating & Cooling Facts

  • Established for over 25 years
  • Continues to deliver reliable, affordable heating, decades after its installation
  • Cost effective energy from a low carbon energy source that is generated locally
  • Excavated new trenches in city centres to install the technology
  • 50km of specialist pre-insulated pipework beneath city centre streets and beyond
  • Supplies over 2,800 homes and 140 public/private buildings
  • One of UK’s largest city heat networks
  • 21,000 tonnes of Co2 emissions saved annually


Nottingham for the past couple of years has boasted top 10 greenest University statuses, which has meant the same for the city on a whole too. The University has been ranked 9th greenest in the world and has done so by taking into account green architecture & innovative green technologies.

The University has a strong architectural history and sustainability policy which include energy efficient initiatives such as air source heat pumps, localised heating units for hot water and efficient lighting and controls.

Nottingham District Heating & Cooling Facts

  • The largest heating network in the UK
  • Has been providing heat and hot water for three decades
  • Been toured by organisations and departments such as Green Investment Bank & Climate Change and Department for Business
  • The network connects many estates & buildings throughout the city
  • Installed 85km of pre-insulated pipework across various developments
  • Serves 5,000 homes & many public buildings and 100 commercial customers
  • 27,000 tonnes of co2 savings annually

Among Sheffield and Nottingham are many other cities across the UK that is celebrated for their efforts and green initiatives. However, it seems installing District Heating & Cooling in these two cities in particular had had remarkable effects on the reduction of co2 emission, and long may that continue!

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