10 Tips for a Healthy, Planet-Friendly Back-to-School

back-to-schoolWhen the holidays are over both children and their parents face with several troubles. The reason is that the whole family must change their lifestyle. It is easier for adults because they have only a short vacation at summer, but children totally get out of the habits they had during the studying. They must make many efforts to adapt to the former lifestyle. It refers to the pupils from primary to the high school. All of them must get care from their parents, otherwise, they will experience stresses and the life at school will equal to survival.

Particularly parents must count the pressure that lies on shoulders of their kids. A loving parent must be always near to prevent his child from troubles. All you need is patience and persistence and you will fight all the problems connected with adaptation during back-to-school period. Remember, that excellent marks are less important that the health of the child. That is why you must do your best and provide your offspring with proper care.

  1. Fight with back-to-school anxiety

Prior to physical health is the mental well-being of the child. There are children that can`t wait to enter the school and deepen in studying process. However, for others, it may present a troublesome issue. If school makes your kid nervous it can result in the following problems:

  • high level of fatigability;
  • low working capacity;
  • violation of sleep, appetite, headaches;
  • petulancy;
  • nightmares;
  • emotional rollercoaster;

Be prepared that your child may cry, have temper tantrums, complain of headaches or stomach pains and become sullen or irritable. Children and teens usually are anxious about various school-related issues, such as teachers, classmates, or simply the absence of parents. The first thing to do is to encourage your child to share his or her worries. Ensure your kid that it is okay to be worried about these things. Show your support and accent that your child has strength to cope with this crisis. When your kid shows brave behavior reward him with something pleasurable. Give him a treat.

Ask your child what is making him or her worried. Tell your child that it is absolutely normal to have concerns.

  1. Practice role-playing

In the most difficult situations connected to communication with people, you must come to the common solution with your kid. Take into account that he may be afraid of talking to teachers or to start contacting with classmates. Fortunately, you can solve it in an entertaining form. Act like a teacher and talk to the child on the topics that only a teacher will. In such a way show that they must not be afraid of the possible conversations at school because they already know what to answer.

  1. Make a project together

Make your child remember about the great vacation he had in the summer. If there will be an assignment to share some eco school project ideas give him some suggestions. You can combine useful with pleasure and make a report about a summer trip. Every kid will be eager to share with other`s the way he spent time at summer. Put attention to the things that he liked the most during the holidays. When you complete any project together you both help your kid with the assignment and spend fun time together! Do not forget to make a slideshow with bright photos to illustrate your report.

  1. Allow to miss one day

The first week of studying can turn to real nightmare. The loads at school may be not extremely high, but it comparison to summer idleness it can result badly.  Because your little student must not only visit lessons, he must also wake up early, make assignments, carry a heavy back with textbooks, listen to teachers grumbling… In this case, look in your kid`s eyes and leave him on Wednesday at home. Most teachers react positively to the absence of a pupil at the lessons if parents have warned about it previously. I do not think that a child will miss some important and hard material at school. Also you will get a chance to help him to catch up with others. But one day of the relax in the middle of the week will be vitally useful for his health and mental state.

  1. Set the priorities

Not only home assignments can be the only tasks for your kid during the back-to-school period. Include some extra-curricular activities. Include daily hygienic procedures. Include meal. Add entertainment (yes, it is an important task too!). Life during the summer didn`t seem so active, did it? That is why you must direct your child to complete the most important tasks foremost. You can neglect unnecessary activities in order to complete tasks of the highest priority. Children differ in their ability to manage the time. But they tend to sacrifice such important things as the meal and hygienic procedures to make their homework. Keep track of your child`s activity and help him to manage his time.

  1. Prepare school stuff foremost

Of course, a kid will be nervous you haven’t bought necessary school staff. Make sure that you have purchased everything needed in advance. Before going to the school fare arrange the inventory procedures. Get rid of stationary that is out of use. Collect all usable objects and only then make a list of the things that you should buy with your little pupil.

  1. Take care of sleep

The better your child sleeps, the easier the studying process is for him. It is important to note that high-quality sleep enhances learning, helping your child to focus on tasks better, improves memory and maintain satisfactory behavior. To provide your kid with the regular sleep encourage him to keep to regular bedtimes. If he goes to sleep at the same time a least in a sequence of at least three times, he will turn it into the frequency. Do not allow your child to sacrifice the sleeping time in order to make homework. If you use sometimes services of Edu birdie to help your child with home assignments you will prevent your kid from the sleep deficiency. Teachers won`t be happy if they notice a student sleeping in the classroom during the lesson.

  1. Breakfast is a must

The overall well-being and productivity of a student depends on what he eats. The parents are responsible for ensuring that children with food. There are various healthy food recipes on the internet that will help to find an idea of what to cook for the breakfast. By the way, make your kid eat in the morning, before classes. He may say that they do not want in the early morning. It is true because his organism does not “wake up” immediately. Offer your child a glass of water before the breakfast, it will turn on the work of digestion. You must be aware of tips on healthy eating to provide nutritious food. Students that eat substantial breakfast study more successfully, have higher level of concentration and energy.

  1. Take control of snacks

When you do not supply your kid with packed lunch, he can buy some junk food and harm his well-being. For many people the only known snacks for children at school are sandwiches. You can experiment with the ingredients and create both substantial and healthy dish. Dieting experts also insist on supplying kids with “smart food”. It means that the packing snack of every student must include components that can boost the productivity of brains. To such refer:

  • Fresh fruit (apple, oranges, and bananas)
  • Green fruit (broccoli, avocado)
  • Greek yogurt
  • A bottle of water.
  • Nuts (almond, hazelnuts)
  1. Get moving!

If you want to maintain a healthy state of your kids, you must incorporate their daily routine with sports and exercises. It is easy to engage a kid in physical activities even within the boundaries of the school. However, it is not enough to visit only lessons of P.E. to keep a fit. You have many options nowadays to find the best kind of sports for your kid. Try tennis, football, various martial arts. The earlier you start, the healthier your child will be. In addition, different trainings foster not only physical advantage but a discipline too. Even a walk or bike ride with your children after the classes will encourage them to move and make a positive impact.

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