Why You Shouldn’t Drink Sports Drinks

Sports drinks were designed for people who are working out extensively.  These drinks were never intended for any other purpose.  The quantity of sugar and a traditional sports drink is extraordinary and way beyond what a person should drink on a normal day.  If you are running a marathon then don’t think twice that sports drink might be perfect for you. If you are on an extensive all day hike with a backpack on your shoulders you may need that sport drink.  Unfortunately there is a trend in children and teens drinking these sports drink when their bodies don’t need them, this is increasing obesity rates and causing all sorts of health issues.

coconuts - not sports drinks

Everyone knows that drinking soda is terrible for you but for some reason people often confuse sports drinks for something healthy.  The chemicals and sugar contained in these beverages is often equal to or even worse than soda.  So what can the person drink when craving something that will quench the thirst as well as replenish some electrolytes that may have been lost during a normal workout? Most people don’t even think about natures natural answer that comes perfectly complete in it’s natural state without any additional chemicals or sugars. Coconut water is a light and smooth beverage that is full of minerals and electrolytes that mimic those found naturally in the human body. The taste is slightly sweet and slightly salty and goes extremely well with any kind of fruit juice for a perfect pick me up.

Coconut water can be found in most stores, is extremely affordable, and can be found alone or mixed with other fruit flavors. You can drink coconut water without any dangerous or unwanted side effects such as rapid heart rate, which can occur from overuse of drinks that contain energy increasing ingredients, too much sugar, caffeine, or other chemicals that should to be consumed only in moderation. Coconut water tastes sweet, but is very low in sugar and calories, while still providing the body with necessary and difficult to get minerals.

Overuse of sports and energy drinks have been linked with many deaths, especially in young children and teens that should not be drinking them at all. The labels of these beverages do often list all of the potential warnings, and definitely include the ingredients, sugar quantities and calories. Be sure to look at whether the serving size listed is for the whole bottle or whether there are many servings there that will likely be consumed all at once without a person realizing just how terrible the product is for their health.

Choose healthier and more natural beverages instead when you are looking for something to quench your thirst when you are not partaking in extremely strenuous exercise that lasts for a long period of time. Though sports drinks are ok for those participating in marathons, bike races, or other grueling and intense fitness, choose coconut water or natural water for normal hydration needs.

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