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5 Essential Additions to Any Eco-Friendly Party

Going green is an important step to helping the environment and everyone needs to play their part. Swapping out normal day-to-day disposable items for their biodegradable counterparts is a great way to achieve this and now you can do it with parties, too.

Follow these quick tips and start saving the world, one eco-friendly party at a time.

Add atmosphere with decorations from the garden

Although candles, fairy lights and an open fire add a distinct amount of atmosphere to a party, you can create an equally inviting feel with floral arrangements. It requires minimal effort and flowers can easily make excellent alternatives to other non-natural options.

It’ll be a choice that’s great for both you and the environment. You can even transform the flowers into centrepieces for a dinner party by bringing in fruits and vegetables. Skewer them with chopsticks and distribute them evenly amongst the bouquet to add body and atmosphere.

Purchase some eco-friendly plates

Introducing biodegradable party tableware is another big help to the environment. Consider purchasing some sturdy eco-friendly disposable plates to serve food on at your party.

These will work even better if you’re serving up a buffet, as it’ll allow guests to wander and mingle without the burden of heavy, breakable plates. Eco-friendly biodegradable plates means no washing up, too. When you’re clearing up after your party, you’ll thank us.

Try out eco-disposable cutlery

The term ‘eco-disposable’ sounds too good to be true and a bit contradictory. If you buy the right products, however, you’ll be able to get rid of your cutlery after one use. With the costs of these often being so affordable, throwing them away won’t seem like a waste, either.

When roughly 4 billion pieces of disposable cutlery are used in the USA every year, it becomes clear how swapping to an eco-friendly alternative can help. Knives, spoons and forks made of cereplast are an excellent option. They’re produced using 80% corn starch, so you can even throw them in the compost to give your garden a future boost. It’s a win-win.

Earth-friendly placeholders

Refined plastic placeholders might give any party spread that extra sheen, but you can achieve the same effects with items a little closer to home.

It’s the perfect season to delve into your garden and hunt around for items that you could use to wow guests at your party. Search for some large leaves, dry them and write your guests’ names on them. Place them in front of their seats to give your table a welcoming touch.

Provide the finishing touch with straws

The same corn-based material that your eco-friendly cutlery will be made from can also be used to make straws. These will make the perfect addition to any party and your guests will likely be impressed by your creativity.

You can even recycle old jam jars and use them as glasses, as a quirky alternative to buying disposable plastic cups. If you’re preparing punch, you can serve separate portions into each of the jars and keep them chilled in your refrigerator.


Use these ideas to create your perfect eco-friendly party. Do you have any other ideas that we haven’t mentioned above? Let us know in the comments box below!

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