How to Make Your Car More Environmentally Friendly

environmentally friendlyThe environment needs your help, and you can start with your car. At the moment, most cars in the United States are creating one-fifth of all the emissions that are contributing to global warming. The average car is producing around 24 pounds of these harmful emissions that are leading to all sorts of issues form air pollution to the deterioration of the ozone layer. The following are a few tips to help make your car a little greener.

Lose Some Weight

This might seem a little strange, but the weight of your car has an impact on the vehicle’s performance. The vehicle must use more gas to power the vehicle’s need for torque when it is hauling a heavy load. Of course, this means removing excess weight from the trunk or the back of the seat. Making this easy change should reduce the amount of emissions emitted from your car while driving.

Rethink the Tires

Tires could have two effects on your vehicle. The right tires could make the drive smoother and reduce the stress on the vehicle’s engine, meaning a lot less gas will be used. However, bad tires could cause unnecessary drag. This means that the vehicle is going to work harder to get your car going. Thankfully, there is something that could be done like replacing old tires with “smart” tires. These tires have successfully reduced hysteresia, which is a delay that occurs when a tire rolls on the ground and resistance makes the car work harder.

Reduce the Chilly Air

The air conditioner might help you feel comfortable, but this appliance is actually making the car use a little more gasoline than it needs to. It should be noted that having the air conditioner on at half potency reduces fuel efficiency by 10 percent. Of course, the extra gasoline leads to a higher emission rate. A good idea is to simply put down the windows more often that resorting to your vehicle’s air conditioner.

Replace Faulty Parts

There are great places out there like U Pull & Pay that give car owners an opportunity to look around for replacement parts at reasonable prices. You are going to be looking for any parts that are forcing the car to use more gasoline than necessary. Check with your mechanic with an emphasis on fuel system and the cooling system. The parts that you might want to replace include fuel filter or the radiator.


These tips should make your car a little greener, and the environment will thank you as well. It really is amazing how much of a difference your car can make for the environment. All you have to do is some research to help you find the best possible green solutions for you.

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