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7 of the Most Environmentally Friendly Cars to Uber In

Saving fuel is important, not only for your wallet but also for the environment. If you are an Uber or Lyft driver who wants to make a difference, choose a fuel-efficient car for your business. It can save you money on gas, lower your carbon footprint to help climate change, and help the economy by reducing our oil dependence from other countries.  

Each gallon of gas your car uses equates to 20 pounds of greenhouse gasses that contribute to global climate change. Uber and Lyft drivers have the perfect opportunity to choose vehicles with excellent gas mileage for highway and city driving and less carbon emissions.

Volkswagen e-Golf


If you’re looking for an electric car, the VW e-Golf is for you. You can get about 83 miles per charge, and 126/105 city/highway MPGe. Although it has four doors, its interior isn’t huge, so it’s a better choice for few passengers. However, you can fold the rear seats down should you have a passenger with a lot of luggage.

The VW e-Golf also offers help useful for city-driving, like part assist and front assist.

Toyota Prius c


The Toyota Prius c can seriously help Uber and Lyft drivers make an eco-friendly impact. With 46 mpg on the highway and 53 mpg for city-driving, you’ll save fuel and money.

You can drive the Prius c in Normal, Eco, or EV mode. Eco mode enhances fuel economy with climate control and driving responses, whereas EV mode relies completely on the electric motor.

The more recent models have been modified for extra interior legroom for a comfortable ride for passengers.  

Chevrolet Spark EV



The Chevrolet Spark EV is another all-electric model that can get you about 82 miles on a single charge and 128/109 city/highway MPGe. The tall roof makes the car feel roomy and the Spark EV offers a quiet, smooth ride for passengers.

Modeled closely to the non-electric Spark, which received a Top Safety Pick rating in 2014, the Spark EV is a safe and economic choice for drivers.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid


The 2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid is ranked #7 by US News in the Large Cars category. The Avalon Hybrid has plenty of space for your passengers and has one of the coziest interiors on the market.

Its 40/39 mpg city/highway mileage is eco-friendly for a car of its size and its overall 5-star safety rating will make you feel secure in its reliability.

Audi A4


One of the main focuses for the newest Audi A4 was CO2 emissions. Its aerodynamic and lightweight design helps save fuel while still packing tons of safety features to keep you and your passengers safe, like side assist and the City Assistance System.

Kia Soul



The boxy design of the Kia Soul may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely a head-turner. Plus, the interior is just as unique so it’s sure to give your passengers something to talk about.

The regular model has 24/30 city/highway mpg but also comes with several eco-friendly, gas-saving features, like the Idle Stop and Go that turns the engine off when it’s idling. There is also a full-electric model, the Soul EV.

Nissan Altima


Nissan is working with the government to make the switch to eco-friendly vehicles. The newest Altima designs are more fuel efficient than ever, with a sleek, aerodynamic design and Active Grille Shutters to help decrease wind resistance.

The Nissan Altima also offers tons of fun, techie stuff for you and your passengers, like the rear cross-traffic alert, dual zone climate control, and the NissanConnect system with SiriusXM.

Making Your Car Eco-Friendly

If you can’t afford a new eco-friendly car just yet, don’t worry. You can help reduce your current vehicle’s carbon footprint by making a few small adjustments:

  • Lower its weight by keeping unnecessary things out of your car. Toting around sports equipment, extra tools, or anything else you don’t need during your current trip can lower your gas mileage.
  • Limit your use of windows and air conditioning. If you can tolerate it, use your car’s in-car airflow as much as possible, since opening windows hurts your car’s aerodynamics and excessive AC use lowers fuel efficiency.
  • Use the lowest grade of gasoline at the pump. Higher grades are usually unnecessary for most vehicles, cost more, and cause you to accelerate faster, which can hurt fuel efficiency.

Remember to also keep up with your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule to keep it performing in the best way possible.

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