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The Power of Unplugging

unpluggingIf you want to live a greener life there are many different things you can do to make a difference.  You can use natural cleaning products, use public transportation, invest in fluorescent light bulbs and many other things. You probably have heard of many of these but did you know that unplugging can be an excellent way to save energy?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the importance of unplugging. Most of the time the term “unplug” is referring to taking time away from your phone and electronics. It’s great to take some time away from technology and connect with the world in real time but sometimes unplugging literally means taking the plug out of the wall and saving some energy.

If you take a look around the average living room, you will probably see at least six things that are always plugged in. In just your living room you might have your television, a Blu-ray player, lamp, stereo or surround sound speakers, laptop charger and a phone charger. Most of these items have a status light on them so even when they aren’t in use they are using electricity. While you probably don’t need to unplug everything in your home to save electricity and lower your carbon footprint you should be aware that individual devices will use power.

Here are a few things you should consider:


Blu-Ray Players or Other Video Players



Computers Chargers



Phone chargers

Items with a digital display or status light



Unplugging things is one of the simplest ways to save power. Other changes you can make to save electricity include turning down the temperature in your refrigerator or freezer, this is a small way to lower the amount of power it uses to operate. Depending on your location air conditioning may be utilized more often than other places, routinely changing the filters in your air vents and running your air conditioning set to auto instead of constantly in “On” mode is a great way to save. When using your dishes feel free to let them air dry instead of using the heated dry function, to save additional power.

One person can make a huge difference in the fight to preserve energy and save the planet. By doing all of these little things, you can see a massive result of energy and money saved over time. Stay green, friends.

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