Get Rid of Pests with Natural Solutions

One of the reasons many people hate dealing with insect pests in the house is all the chemicals needed to clear up the problem. The bugs are bad enough, but pesticides and other toxins can be a concern all on their own. It’s no wonder that people are more and more looking for natural options to get rid of pests.

Companies like Fox Pest Control, an exterminator in Chesapeake , understand your concerns and have some natural options you can try on your own.

Prevention First

The first step to a natural pest-control plan is to minimize the chances of getting bugs in the house to begin with. Though not all bugs are attracted by precisely the same conditions, most of the problem ones come in search of food.

Clean up kitchen counters daily by wiping up spills and sweeping away loose crumbs. Don’t leave any uncovered food out, particularly overnight. Keep the trash bin tightly covered too. When ants or roaches get a whiff of food, they’ll start to move in.

If termites are your local threat, then your prevention tactics will have to change. Exposed wood on the outside of your house is what draws in the termites, so that needs to be eliminated. To avoid chemical treatments, use other barrier methods. Tightly cover up any wood with plastic, vinyl or even metal wherever you can. Remove old wood, rotting decks or even tree stumps from around your house too.

Blocking Scent Trails

Insects of all kinds operate with their sense of smell, whether they are looking for food or just following the trails left by earlier scouts. The best way to keep them from getting organized and nesting in the house is to add more scent to confuse them. Fresh coffee grounds, vinegar or garlic powder can be sprinkled in corners and along the back edges of your kitchen counters for example. You can also do similar things with mint leaves, powdered cinnamon or any other such material that has a strong odor to it.

Keep in mind that these items won’t kill any existing insects, just help to repel them and to make your home less appealing for any permanent nests.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is a very natural product that is a popular way to actually kill off the bugs in your house without any chemicals. It has a soft feel, like baking flour,and it’s perfectly harmless to people or pets. For tiny insects, the material is more jagged on a microscopic scale, and it will puncture their shells and damage their external joints. Once an insect walks through DE, it usually dies within a few minutes.

Sprinkle the powder where you know the pests travel, and wait for their numbers to start dropping. The material has stay dry to be effective though.

A little patience is important with any of these methods, and you shouldn’t give up on them too soon. On the other hand, if you wait for too long, and ineffective treatment can mean that the infestation gets out of control. It can be a bit of a balancing act.

If your natural solutions aren’t getting the job done, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. Discuss your environmental concerns, and ask for any less toxic  products that they may have available.

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