7 Exercise and Fitness Beliefs You Need to Overcome

exercise and fitnessWe all have different beliefs and assumptions when it comes to fitness and exercise. Some of them we’ve heard over the years from family and friends, while others we might have heard or read from different sources. Sometimes we’ve just come to accept certain beliefs as facts, even when they might not be anywhere near the truth. So, what are some of these common exercise and fitness beliefs you need to overcome?

It takes a lot of time to exercise

The most common belief people have regards to exercise is how much time it takes. The ‘I don’t have enough time’ excuse is said out loud quite often. But exercising doesn’t need to take a lot of time – even shorter bursts of activity can lead to magnificent results. Just read about the Body Coach and his approach to exercise – it’s quick, simple and fun. You can even start exercising while doing other chores. Stand up and get on your toes when you are doing the dishes, for instance!

It is difficult to start if you don’t know anything about fitness

Aside from the time issues, people also tend to fear fitness because they think it’s difficult to get started. The belief is that fitness people know everything about the human body and you need to grasp this knowledge before you start. But exercising and staying fit are not rocket science. Although you can always gain a wealth of information and learn more, you can just go for a jog without knowing how your muscles work. The great thing about fitness is how you can learn about it as much or as little as you want.

It is extremely boring

People think exercising is a boring thing you simply need to do in order to stay healthy. It’s sort of a necessary evil for many and boredom can keep some people from trying to exercise in the first place. But there is no single way to exercise and what you might find boring might be exciting for someone else. Similarly, you are bound to find a routine you actually enjoy doing, whether you are doing it with another person or on your own.
Sites like A Woman’s Health are great for exploring different exercise and fitness options. You could start swimming, explore yoga, or mix up your routine with running and weight lifting. Don’t assume exercise is boring, but try things you’ve not heard off or done before and you’ll find something fun.

It isn’t worth the effort

Exercising might seem like a masochist’s dream. You spend your time sweating around, but you won’t achieve much. A bit slimmer body perhaps, but what if you aren’t even after it? Losing weight is not everyone’s goal or requirement. Exercising has tons of benefits, but you probably won’t notice most of them. The fact you don’t see or feel most of these benefits doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

It costs a lot to be active and healthy

Although there are plenty of gyms and exercise groups that can take a lot of your money, you shouldn’t just assume being more active is going to cost a fortune. Even if you don’t want to exercise on your own, you still don’t need to spend all of your money to attend an expensive gym and gear. How to make it all cost less? Look for offers with different gyms and take advantage of their bonus schemes. Gyms and wellness websites often offer coupon codes on, which could help you cut down the cost of equipment and fitness courses. You should also consider grouping up with a team of friends and colleagues, contacting a personal fitness coach for sessions. For a small group, these might cost less than taking a course at a gym or fitness centre.

It makes you huge and bulky

Women especially tend to belief that fitness exercises, such as lifting weights, are going to make them bulky. But even some men are fearful of getting into fitness, thinking it’ll lead to them looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lifting weights alone doesn’t lead to huge, bulky muscles. You would also need to start eating much more to your current diet to suddenly end up with a bodybuilder’s body.

It’ll hurt my body more than being inactive

If you start exercising for the first time in a long time or you do a vigorous workout, you might feel a bit sick for a moment. But the body soreness and sick feeling is often the result of a bad preparation and it can be avoided by starting slow and drinking enough fluids. In addition, the harm you are doing to your body by being inactive is much greater than any aching muscles the next day. Being a couch potato will lower your immune system, putting your body under immense pressure.

If you recognised yourself stating the above beliefs, it’s time to rethink your approach to fitness. Don’t be afraid of exercise and stop making excuses – a healthier lifestyle, with plenty of exercise is not just good for your body, it’s also a boost in mood!

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