Lower Back Pain: Causes and Treatment

Lower-back pain, also known as pain between the legs and the ribs, has been recognized as one of the most popular culprits for discomfort. It usually causes many job-related disabilities as well as being the main reason for absence from work. To make this annoying pain go away, you can always consider the back massager for back pain as your last resort, given the fact that many people have been experienced back pain chronically.

It is estimated that 8/10 people in America suffer from at least 1 bout of pain in the lower back in their entire lives, reported in the Healthy People 2010 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Sometimes your back can easily get out of whack since it has to support the majority of the body’s weight. Usually, people in the age bracket of 30 to 50 have a tendency to experience back pain, said by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, mainly due to the inactive sedentary lifestyles and occasional too-vigorous exercises which can lead to injury.

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Why do you have back pain?

The back is one of the most complex parts of your body. It is made of muscles, bones, nerves as well as joints. Because of this complex structure, it is usually hard for doctors to point out exactly what has caused your pain. In most cases, back pain is not caused by any damage or illness but by small strains, injuries or sprains, or just an irritated nerve. These kinds of pain can be easily triggered by your daily routine at work or at home, or sometimes they can just grow with time.

Popular back pain triggers include:

  • Bending awkwardly for very long periods of time.
  • Carrying, pushing, lifting, or pulling big and large, heavy objects
  • Twisting awkwardly
  • Slouching in chair
  • Overstretching
  • Sitting or driving in a wrong position or in very long period of time without standing up
  • Overwork with the muscles – say, during repetitive movements (repetitive strain damage) or sports

Back pain usually develops for no clear reasons. You can even wake up with a tremendous feeling of pain in the back and do not have a clear idea about what has caused it.

Treatment for lower back pain

The cure for this kind of condition depends much on the history of the patient as well as the severity and the type of the pain. Usually, most lower back pains will get better in about 6 weeks without taking any medicine or surgery, and exercises for lower back have always been an important part of the treatment. In case the pain gets worse and worse, more diagnostic and surgical procedures will help a lot.

Rest. Stopping any heavy activities in a couple of days gives time for your back to recover, injured tissue or nerve roots can start healing, therefore your back pain will reduce significantly. However, if you rest in over a couple of days then your muscles may get weakened. In that case, your spine will struggle a lot as muscles play the main role in supporting the spine. Patients who don’t have a habit of exercising regularly to increase stamina and strength tend to suffer prolonged and recurrent back pain.

Heat or Ice Packs. Cold and/or heat therapy can relieve many types of lower back pain just by reducing inflammation. In many cases, patients resort to ice, but some others prefer using heat. Both can be used alternately.

Medications. Lots of over-the-counter along with prescription medications are available to cure lower back pain. A wide variety of medications cure inflammation that is usually caused by a pain, while many others can inhibit the pain transmission signals from coming to the brain. Every medication has many unique risks, potential side effects or even drug (or supplement or food) interactions that must be evaluated by a professional doctor. If you choose to use stronger prescription medications like muscle relaxants or opioids, be sure to carefully understand the different categories of drugs and particularly the risks surrounding opioid dependence. It’s important to know how the drugs you take are going to affect you.

Lower back pain exercise. Exercise has always been an effective way to cure any kind of back pain. Usually, one typical exercise program can be taught and developed by a spine health professional, for example, physical therapist, or psychiatrist or chiropractor, and also includes three components: stretching, aerobic conditioning, and strengthening. These exercises are most effectively done via a progressive, controlled program, with an aim of building a stronger, and more flexible back. Find out more about the specific exercises.

Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

Apart from specific exercises for lower back, any kind of low impact aerobic exercise, for example walking, is a great way to reduce the pain as it brings more oxygen to soft tissues to foster healing. Some kinds of sports such as swimming or exercise under water can offer the same positive effects and are wonderful choices for those who suffer pain from walking.

Lower back pain has been an enormous source of discomfort for people in today society. There are many kinds of treatment that can help reduce the pain such as therapy, exercises, using extreme thermometer…or just using massagers for you to choose to reduce the pain and continue your life.

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