Morning Jogging: “For” and “Against”

It’s time to put the things right and finally find out whether morning jogging is useful and how it influences a human body? In this post, we are going to share some useful information with you, which will ruin all stereotypes and common ideas!

morning jogging

Running in the Morning: Helpful or Harmful?

Supporters of evening jogging assure that morning exercising is strictly contraindicated. However, this statement is continuous fiction. Conversely, jogging in the evening causes more stress to the body than exercising in any other part of the day. The reason is simple: any evening physical activity causes a large strain. Although there are a lot of supporters of the evening jogging, just imagine how it is difficult to go to the gym after the work or studies and make your training really effective. This is true violence against your body, especially if there is no one like YourWriters who could decrease your academic workload. Therefore, sports trainings of professional athletes take place only in the morning and exclude any physical activities in late evening hours.

However, no matter how useful it can seem to be from the first sight, jogging in the morning has both pros and cons. Among its advantages, there are the following ones:

  • A huge supply of energy;
  • The awakening of the digestive system;
  • Smart training of the heart muscle;
  • Valvate vessels work better in the morning (after evening jogging feet oedema often happens);
  • Clean, healthy air;
  • Development of a training discipline;
  • Increased brain activity.

Despite the long list of advantages, there are still some minuses of morning jogging that you need to consider before starting morning exercising. These include:

  • Getting up earlier than usual;
  • Heels are contraindicative;
  • In the first week of jogging, beginners have a terrible ache in muscles;
  • Be sure to eat after morning jogging;
  • It is difficult to overcome laziness.

All in all, when choosing either jogging in the morning or exercising in the evening, you should definitely take into the account the before-mentioned nuances the activity may involve. However, if you want to lose weight, work on the result, health and discipline, morning jogging is the best practice that can help you.

How to Start Morning Jogging – Tips for Beginners

The realization that you have to miss out on hours of sleep considerably demotivates newcomers. In addition, the necessity to get prepared and find the training uniform as well as other necessary stuff makes you say “NO” to morning jogging. In order to avoid such challenges, it is a good idea to get prepared for the morning training the day before in the evening. So prepare everything you might need: clothes, running shoes, MP3-player, headphones, house keys, and a fitness tracker. Thus, you will save up to 15 minutes of your precious time. Besides, several loud alarm clocks with an interval of 1-2 minutes will help you get up in the morning and not miss your training. The motivation for jogging in the morning is self-esteem. No one wants to realize that he is so lazy and not able to man up. Nobody will force you to do anything if you yourself do not want to do that.

It is you who makes a decision whether to jog in the morning or in the evening. We can say only one thing – you definitely need to run. If you have chosen morning exercising, then give your body some time to wake up, stretch well and not jump into the shoes right out of the bed.

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