5 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Eco-Friendly

organic food - restaurantIn recent years the topic of green economy and eco-friendliness among businesses has become a very sensitive one. With each passing day it is becoming more and more imperative that businesses, especially restaurants, become greener and more sustainable. Low impact gastronomy is actually not only possible but also preferred by many chefs across the world currently. By reducing waste and CO2 emissions of the food sector, environmental impact is reduced greatly!

This can be done in many different ways and today we’re looking at 5 of the simplest but creative way to turn your restaurant green.


This applies to just about any business but even more so to restaurants which essentially have their lights on and difference electric appliances running all day long. The key is to turn them off when they are not necessary such as when there’s a lot of daylight or if it’s late at night and the restaurant is almost empty. Another way to do this is to invest in candles, which will have a double purpose. They will help make the restaurant greener but they will also create a lovely atmosphere. Finally, it’s possible to install sensor so when no movement is detected in parts of the restaurants for a long period of time, the lights go off.

Greener Materials

Changing what the restaurant is made of is another way to go green. It doesn’t mean you have to tear it down and rebuild it. It means adapting and renovating by replacing furniture, appliances and materials used. By using eco-friendly materials it’s possible to reduce waste. Retails shops such as Abalo Publicidad nowadays offer all kinds of such materials at affordable prices. For example you can switch the paper you use or the chairs into more ecological versions.

Train Staff to be More Eco-Friendly

Change begins with us and in the case of restaurants, with its employees, from cooks to servers. Everyone needs to receive training in order to improve their services and tailor then towards a greener style. One way to do this is to hire someone to provide legal advice and consulting on how to lead a healthier and green lifestyle. Such classes would benefit employees greatly even in their everyday life besides work. Besides in house staff, do consider outsourcing restaurant marketing to professionals. Good food needs good marketing, right?

Save Water

Every restaurant uses a huge amount of water. It’s used for washing dishes, the whole building, the food before it’s cooked. Water is used as a cooking ingredient or for the freezer. Finally, water is served in large quantities to customers. So how is it possible for a restaurant to reduce this? Using the machines such as dishwasher only when they are full is a good start. It’s also possible to invest in urinals without water or tankless water heaters.


Number one change one can make in the restaurant industry when it comes to a greener business is obviously food. Offering organic food dishes with high nutrition stats and drinks can be the first step. In the past organic food has been looked down upon but has come a long way since then and is currently liked by many. When grown organic food uses natural methods and not chemicals or pesticides which greatly reduces environmental impact. Organic wines and vegetables are in fact more popular than their regular versions in some restaurants today.

The change in restaurants starts with food but the most important part is what the people responsible for it do. Keep it green.

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