Clean Air at Home: Fighting the Germs and Bacteria

fighting germs and bacteriaTo bring the order in our life, we should try all possible ways. Trying to reach harmony in every sphere of life, primarily, we must think about really essential thing – our health. We will not be able to reach our aims without strong health.

Facts about germs

One of the most serious threats to health are microbes. Therefore, to avoid their negative effects on our health, it’s useful to know how these organisms work and the method of fighting them.

Here are some of the interesting and impressive facts about germs.

  • On the average, an office desk contains 400 more bacteria than a toilet.
  • Another ugly fact is that our mouth contains more bacteria the human population of the Earth.
  • The “smell of rain”, which is so adored by many people is induced by a bacteria.
  • Mobile phones possess 18 times larger amounts of these organisms than toilet handles. Ugh! Clean your phone more often.
  • The consumption of chocolate has a strong anti-bacterial property. It defends our teeth from decay.
  • Within 6 months after the usage of chlorine, it gets withdrawn and the bacteria multiply again.
  • Using a paper towel reduces the parasites by 45-60%. Do not use hand dryers. They increase their amounts.
  • PC keyboard contains over 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.
  • Approximately a third of world’s population carries tuberculosis bacteria. If not triggering their development, you will avoid any symptoms of this disease.

We must put this knowledge to use and reduce the influence and amounts of the bacteria.

How to reduce dust

Dust is an annoying gathering of different microbes that are unhealthy for us and who make look any surface, any object in the room and the entire house very ugly. We should continuously fight against it. It is necessary to learn some useful tips on how to reduce dust.

  • Vacuum twice a week. This is an obligatory duty. You may use different types of vacuums – canister vacuums, handheld vacuums and so on. Use any that will fit your requirements. Pay more attention to the areas of the highest traffic. Do not miss a single spot. Find the best handheld vacuum with this handheld vacuum review.
  • Change the filter of your vacuum orderly. This should be done frequently. In such way, it will work effectively and properly. If you do not change the filter, your vacuum will simply spit the dust back.
  • Sweep and wash the floors. Realize that dirty floors contain millions of microbes. Never lazy to use a broom and a mop to get rid of them. You are not obliged doing it each day.
  • Eliminate microbes with microfiber cloths. Always use them because they secure a high level of protection from the hazardous microorganisms. You can use them to dust all surfaces.
  • Wash sheets and pillowcases. This can be done once per week. Do not forget about bedding and blankets.
  • Beating cushions really help to reduce the amount of microbes. Do this every 3 months. Beat all that is dusty until it gets clean.

The most useful houseplants that purify the air in the house

We should take care of the cleanliness of our home. If we want to feel good, we must not pay attention to what air we breathe. What can help in this matter? The answer is simple – houseplants! Check out the list of the most useful houseplants that purify the air in the house.

  1. Aloe plant. This plant possesses many healing properties. It helps not only to soothe skin burns, but also clears the air. In the case, when the air contains too many pollutants, its leaves will become brown. Thus, it will warn you about the danger.
  2. English ivy. This is another air-filtering houseplant. It strongly absorbs formaldehyde.
  3. Rubber tree is one of the easiest plants to grow. It also cleans the air and is resistant to various environments.
  4. Peace lily excellently reduces the amounts of toxins.
  5. Snake plant absorbs carbon dioxide and fills the air with fresh oxygen at night, though most plants do it in the course of the day.
  6. Bamboo palm. This exotic plant may be a nice completing of any interior. Its purifying properties are a pleasant bonus to its attractive appearances.
  7. Philodendron clears the air from xylene and its life span is pretty lasting.

I hope that you will find this information useful. These plants are very beautiful and additionally, they excellently purify the air from different types of pollutants.

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