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7 Ways to Go Green in Your Bedroom

The space you spend a third of your life in! Your very own personal sanctuary of calm and relaxation. Your bedroom should be a haven of peace. So how exactly do you achieve this? The answer lies in opting for green and sustainable methods. Here are ways to achieve this:

  1. Houseplants

Imagine waking up from a peaceful slumber to a fresh room with vivid colors. Houseplants are the answer. Not only do they look great and bring vitality and life to your living spaces, but they also provide fantastic relaxing and purifying benefits which promote a healthy sleeping pattern. Flowers and plants are nature’s gifts that will not only calm you but even improve your health.

Having houseplants can be a nice way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, adding a splash of color and helping to act as natural air purifiers.  Snake-plants, Lavender and English Ivy are some of the best bedroom plants.

  1. All-natural, organic bedding

Do you know there is a direct correlation between sleeping well and sleeping natural? Look out for certified organic bedding that is made from natural fibres like cotton and is free of pesticides and any harmful textile finishes. Conventional cotton bedding is full of chemicals and a sure way of harming the skin, body and the environment, from volatile compounds seeping in as vapours while you sleep to the grave amount of water used to cultivate conventional cotton, there’s more than you’d imagine.

Therefore, opt for organic sleep. More so you can buy sheet sets online to save on your carbon footprint and fuel, as compared to opting for a retail store.

  1. CFL bulbs

CFLs use less electricity as compared to incandescent light bulbs. These demand less electricity and hence lower greenhouse gas emission from power plants. CFLs require a little more energy when first switched on. However, once the electricity starts flowing they use nearly 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

  1. Large windows

Opt for large French windows that allow for lots of light to seep into your room. A good way to save resources and your electricity bill.

Install double-glazed windows, or thermal-backed curtains if double-glazing is exorbitant. Don’t forget to add Motion-sensing switches that turn themselves off when the room is empty.

  1. Paint

Go green by choosing VOC-free, eco-friendly paints. Conventional paints may include formaldehyde and heavy metals that are given out as vapours while painting. Shockingly VOCs continue to give out upto 5 years of painting.

The World Health Organisation says professional decorators are 40% more likely to contract lung cancer.

  1. Furniture

Is there a piece of reclaimed wood or that old cabinet you can upcycle and make into a brand new one? Startle yourself with the many uses of upcycling.

  1. Eco carpets/rugs

Did you know carpets emit VOCs and are reservoirs of several chemicals?  From the carpet to the adhesive and padding installed, VOCs come in all forms. Health symptoms associated with the same include skin irritation, nausea, cough and eye irritation among others.

It is best to choose carpets made of natural materials like wool, cotton, jute or bamboo. Ensure all adhesives used are VOC-free.


Amouve is a certified organic bedding brand that combines the softness of long-staple cotton with meticulous craftsmanship.

The plight of the Indian cotton farmer, the appalling state of workers in the textile industry and the desire to improve people’s sleep with toxin-free, skin-safe bedding, drove Ami Sata to create 

Ami hopes to change the way consumers buy sheets online. Crafted only from GOTS certified organic cotton in Fair Trade factories, Amouve seeks to be a luxury for the end consumer, productive for farmers and sustainable for the planet!  

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