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Top Three New Technologies to Reduce Residential Carbon Footprint

With the effects of climate change becoming more visible worldwide year after year, it’s no surprise that a variety industries have found ways to capitalize on the powerful wave of eco-consciousness. The impact on the bigger scheme of things can’t always be taken for granted, yet one of the areas where radical changes can bring the most visible and long-lasting impacts is housing. The CO2 emissions of modern houses depend on the size, location and type of building, but it is estimated that in industrially developed Western countries such as the US houses can account for up to 40% of total CO2 emissions. In this context, looking for greener approaches to housing can be a wise and impactful choice for the environmentally conscious landlord.

To keep up with the latest trends in terms of green housing, here are the three most disruptive green housing technologies that have recently become available on the market.

Retrax solar solutions

It is easier to think green when making additions to houses in areas like Scotland and rural parts of England than in big cities, mostly because of the room available and the fact that it is easier and cheaper to be an owner than in the country. Making solar energy available for all, Retrax Solar Solutions are among the easiest solar panels to install, which means the constraints that usually come from this alternative energy source are soon forgotten, You will be able to install these panels yourself without scaffolding, and they can be activated in less than 30 minutes. Since they are very light and portable, you will be able to carry them with you if you move house, making for a great long-term investment!

Electrochromic smart glass

Solar panels make great use of natural resources, but in some cases, we need to block the sun out and that’s when smart glass technology comes very handy indeed. Electrochromic smart glass only uses a minimal amount of electricity to charge ions into the glass layer that can regulate the amount of reflected light. Applied to windows used in skyscrapers for instance, this can easily means huge savings on air conditioning costs and it’s also a much greener alternative to cool down buildings in the summer months. Smart glass is a very new technology that is still being perfected before worldwide commercialisation.

Geothermal heat pumps

Geothermal heat pumps have really become more and more efficient over the years and they’re definitely one of the most interesting investment to make when it comes to comfort and energy-saving in your house. Geothermal systems transfer the heat through pipes buried under the ground. They can be used to heat water, floors and radiators thanks to the constant temperature underground.

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