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Green Energy: Why You Should Own A Tankless Solar Water Heater

There are a thousand reasons why your home should have a solar water heater as discussed in tankless water heater reviews. Let us look at some of the main reasons why you should have one today.


Renewable Energy Source

Knowing that solar energy is available to us – particularly with the escalating concerns of current supplies of energy and lack of continued availability – is reassuring.

Current sources in the way of fossil fuels are thought to be dwindling, and alternative sources need to be sought. Solar energy is a continual renewable energy source.

Green and Safety

It is also clean and does not provide any less than favorable gaseous materials to be emitted into the earth’s atmosphere. Knowing all of the above is why consumers, who are concerned about future energy, as well as environmental standards regarding safety and health, are easily turning towards solar energy as a prime alternative energy source.

Naturally, solar water heaters make use of solar energy to effectively heat water. The system, in the way of design, is made up of collectors as well as a system (fluid-based) that transfers the heat from the collectors to the end-consumer. You can easily use a solar water heater in a residential as well as a commercial location.

From various Tankless water heater reviews, you will realize that water heated can be used in sanitation or the generation of electrical service. For the solar heater to operate, you must place a collector on the top of your dwelling or commercial building, or at a minimum upon a wall that is in the direct path of the sun. The collector is an insulated box with a top made of glass.

 Solar Water Heater Cost and Maintenance

How much do solar water heaters cost? Although fairly free of maintenance, there is a certain cost to materials and installation before profiting from overall savings as to energy. This naturally brings up the very important point of cost of the solar appliance. Do not allow installation of a solar water heater deter you. Any cost involved can be recouped since maintenance is nearly non-existent as well as other associative costs as to energy.

The price you will incur about a solar water heater is about the type or style of water system you select for installation, for example, the Rinnai tankless water heater rl75i. There are two primary kinds of water-heating systems: a passive system and an active system.

Passive and Active Solar Water Heaters

The active system is comprised of a pump and temperature control. The passive system as the name suggests is absent of movable parts and works on the proven theory that hot water will come to the top, and cold water moves toward the bottom.

The active system has a pump but no tank. The passive water heater has a tank but no pump. From the standpoint of efficiency, passive heaters are not as effective as active heaters.

The passive heater, however, is very dependable and lasts for a longer span of time than the active heater. The price of the passive heater is less than the active water heater.

Also besides product price, there is the matter of installation. The cost to install a water heater for use within the household is between three-thousand to five-thousand dollars. The price stated is for general installation.

The passive style solar water heater does not need near as much maintenance as the active version. The parts of solar-powered water heaters are maintained very similarly to how gas and electric heaters are maintained.

Maintenance on the heater is scheduled three to five years. However, all appliances must be properly maintained to work at maximum levels of efficiency so do not let the associative cost of maintenance scare you off.

In using a solar water heater, you are practicing energy conservation as well as affecting a cost saving, so timely expense as to maintenance need not be an area of concern.

Further, maintenance needs to be carried out regardless of the type of appliance whether it is electric, gas or solar and you are paying well more monthly when using an electric or gas water heater.

Environment Protection

Solar water heaters are, at this point, able to provide the average residence with nearly half of the energy needed to heat the water required. When you use any solar energy, you are greatly contributing to a decrease of dwindling fossil fuel reserves and other more provincial energy sources.

Another positive consideration is that clearly, solar energy generation does not cause pollution. The costs of installation and possible higher maintenance costs are rationalized by the savings incurred when heating the water.

Certainly keeping the environment safe and healthy cannot be measured price-wise as no amount of money can get back an environment that has been ruined or destroyed by pollution or neglect.

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