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Energy Saving Tips For Your Power Recliners

Power Recliner

If you are on the lookout for the best recliner chair then you certainly have a challenge in hand. You will not have much of a problem if you choose a conventional hand operated recliner chair. But when you wish to buy something which operates with the help of a motor, then you have quite a few things that need to be considered as discussed in power recliner reviews. While choosing the design, material and make may not be much of botheration. However, you have to pay some attention to the motor of these reclining chairs. They operate on power and using the motor regularly would be a drain on your power resources. Is there a way out?

The Basic Differences

To begin with we need to understand the basic difference between power recliners and conventional chairs. There is no doubt that these chairs are quite heavy and manually adjusting the seating position could be a tough job. This is quite true for elderly people and those who have some physical challenges. It would be better for such persons to go in for power recliners. These are usually large in size and they are perfectly suitable for large families. They have motors which are driven by electricity. The motors are connected to a handle or lever which if used can make it easy to adjust the angle and recline. They offer more settings and positions of sittings when compared to conventional recliners. Since they run on electricity there will be less wear and tear. Therefore normally they have longer life. This fact has been confirmed by many independent power recliner reviews. Wondering if recliners are right for you? Learn the benefits of recliners.

The Downsides

On the other side there are obviously some downsides as far as these power recliners are concerned. They are bulky, heavier and could stop functioning if the motor suffers damage. The recliners should always be kept near a power source which again could be a big problem. Finally, since they run on motors attached to electricity, you could end up paying much more by way of power bills. In many cases, the use of these power recliners have been found to be unviable especially for those who have specific budgets as far as power consumption is concerned.

To get the best benefit of these recliners, it important to look at some energy saving tips which could make them viable apart from giving value for money.

Look For The Right Size

First and foremost, we must do some research and buy the right sized power recliners. Quite often we end up buying recliners which are much larger than required. This could lead to unwanted energy consumption and this could result in higher power consumption.

Look For Energy Efficient Motors

The next important thing is to always look for power recliners which have motors of the right capacity. They come with different horse powers, wattage and voltage. You must do some research and choose the ones which are known to consume lower electricity. It would not be bad idea to go in for motors which come with star rating as far as power saving feature is concerned.

Switch Off When Not In Use

When you are not using the chairs, it would be better to switch off the motors. Keeping them on even in an idling position consumes lot of power. Hence this is more about bringing in a sense of discipline and sticking to it at all points of time.

Use Some Energy Saving Devices

It would also not be a bad idea to go in for energy saving devices and power generation sources. For example having solar power generating system specifically for these reclining chairs may not be a bad idea. Though it could be a big investment upfront the energy that they will be able to save is something which we must always keep in mind.

The Importance Of Energy Monitor

You could have an energy monitor installed which keeps a tab on the power being consumed by the motors being used in the reclining chairs. This will help you to remain on the alert and avoid unwanted use of the chairs.

Importance Of Regular Servicing

The motors for the reclining chairs should always be kept in good working condition. This might call for regular servicing and overhauling of the motors. You should not take this lightly or procrastinate on this. An inefficient motor could be a big drain on your power consumption and could cost you big money.


Hence at the end of the day, choosing the best power recliner is all about having the perfect combination of size, ease of use, good looks, comfort and last but not the least power consumption.

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