How to Make Your Business Energy Efficient and Emission Friendly in Three Simple Steps

paperless - energy efficientIn our modern world, it is no longer possible to remain ignorant of the damage that we as a species are doing to the planet. We can see global warming in action all around us, watch the warnings on the news every day, and time after time our social media feeds are filled with another sad story about the newest animal facing global extinction.

It makes you want to do something about it, and the good news is, every one of us can make a difference, both personally and professionally. By adopting certain steps, we can achieve greater energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint, changing our lifestyles for the better.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration to get you started, here are a few ideas you might want to explore…

1: Go Paperless

We all know that the more paper we use, the more trees have to be cut down to meet our needs, so one of the easiest ways to become more eco-friendly is by going paperless. We don’t mean just reducing how much you use – we mean scrapping it completely. Stop sending out printed invoices and correspondence and try to keep everything to email. If you store hard copies, move them all online (with backups, of course) and go entirely electronic. You’ll cut your costs, assist the environment, and make your business more efficient in one fell swoop.

2: Switch to Laptops

Almost all of us will use a laptop at home, often exclusively, so why are so many businesses still using cumbersome desktops? It’s a good question to ask yourself, especially considering that laptops use around 80 percent less energy than the alternative. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you replace them all instantly, but the next time you need an upgrade, buy wisely to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your monthly overheads.

3: Turn to the Professionals

There are also some more drastic measures that you might want to consider, especially if you have a business that generates significant air pollution. In these instances, we suggest turning to the experts for answers. Companies like ERG are probably your best bet, and should be able to help you make your venture more environmentally-friendly in no time. Such a move might seem altruistic and not particularly financially-savvy, but the truth is it could be a real selling point if you’re working with consumers who have strong ethics and shop with care.


Make a difference today: follow these three straightforward steps to get started.

Clay Miller
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