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How to Reduce Energy Costs on Your Pool Using Green Technology

Reduce Energy Costs on Your Pool Using Green TechnologyThere really is no better way to spend the hot summer months than splashing around in your very own backyard pool. There’s no need to pay for a club membership or spend time driving to the nearest community pool. With your own pool, you simply step out of the door and dive in anytime you feel like it. There’s absolutely nothing to stop you.

If there is one thing that may douse your enthusiasm though, it would be thoughts of the escalating energy costs of heating the pool. Even in the summer, the water does not always get as hot as you may want it to. You would need to use some kind of heater to get the water to a comfortable enough temperature.

Unfortunately, most conventional water heating methods have two disadvantages – they are not environmentally friendly and they can send your electricity bills soaring. The solution is to turn to green technology.

Here are four ways to reduce energy costs on your pool using green technology.

1 – Solar pool heater

Using a solar pool heater is hands down the most cost-effective solution for heating your pool. It harnesses the heat from the sun so there is no power consumption at all. These ingenious devices are designed with solar collector, and a pump. The pump circulates the water through to the solar collector to be heated by solar energy. It then circulates the heated water back into the pool so the water stays warm continuously.

2 – Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner takes energy-efficiency and sustainability to a whole new level. Its 24 volt motor consumes an estimated 10% of the power that AC booster pumps require to achieve the same result. This means you will end up paying only about 5 cents an hour when you run the Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner. If you are wondering whether this gadget would really do a good job of cleaning your pool – yes it does.

3 – Heat Retention Pool Cover

The water from your pool will evaporate continuously if the pool is left open. As the water evaporates the temperature of the pool water drops because of the energy consumed during the evaporation process. The rate of evaporation depends on the air temperature, humidity and the wind speed. The higher the wind speed and air temperature and the lower the humidity, the higher the rate of evaporation. The pool water temperature will also drop rapidly under these conditions. The only way to prevent this from happening is by using a heat retention pool cover.

Made of special materials, these covers offer several benefits. By preventing excessive evaporation and the resultant drop in water temperature, the pool water will not need too much heating up and it also cuts down on the amount of make-up water that is required. As an added bonus, cleaning time is also reduced because the cover prevents dirt and debris from entering the pool.

4 – Create A Natural Windbreaker

As wind blows across the pool surface, it whips away minuscule droplets of water with it. If your pool is open on all sides, the free flowing wind will eventually remove a significant amount of water from the pool. It may not seem like much and you may not even notice it at first but over a period of time, this not only lowers the temperature of the water but it also reduces the amount of water in the pool.

The best way to stop this from happening is to create a natural windbreaker. This could be in the form of an artificial fence of trees, a hedge or a row of shrubs planted in such a way that it protects the pool from the direct wind. In addition to conserving energy using green technology, windbreakers also add to the ambiance of your poolside.

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