Key Tips On How To Remove Pests From Your Home Naturally

We have all been there, trying to fall asleep to the sound of a mosquito in your room, finding flies swarming around fruit in your kitchen, or seeing the line of ants running across your living room floor — the household can be a perfect habitat for your family as well as many pests. No worries though, as you do not need to get used to sharing your home with insects or constantly using scary products to try to get rid of them. There are, fortunately, many chemical-free solutions for household pests and the following are a few natural, simple, and affordable solutions to keeping your home bug-free.

Stink bugs

Diatomaceous earth can be used as a natural pesticide. The silica, alumina, and iron oxide powder can be spread along doorways and windows to prevent stink bugs from entering your home. If you want something more direct, garlic powder and water can be mixed into a solution. Stink bugs detest the odor of garlic and will know to stay away from it. Similarly, using fresh mint leaves or mint oil in a solution with water has the same effect and will not harm you or the stink bugs.


When you discover one ant in your home, it is safe to assume that there are hundreds, if not thousands, more. Luckily, there are multiple tried and tested methods for getting rid of them without harming you or your family. Essential oils like clove, peppermint, tea tree, orange, or lemon can be used in a spray with water and alcohol to make the path for entry into your home unfollowable by ants. Vinegar can also be used in this solution. Diatomaceous earth can be used like it is for stink bugs, and should deter ants from entering. If you want to kill the bothersome ants, powdered sugar can be mixed with baking soda. The sugar will attract them and the consumption of baking soda will kill them.


Prevention may be the best way to keep mosquitos at bay. These pesky insects like to breed in water so ensure that your gutters are clean and free of debris that may block the flow of water. Additionally, make sure that trash cans and recycling containers are free of standing water. If mosquitoes are already a problem, try candles or oil made of lemon eucalyptus. This plant based repellent has a strong fragrance that should keep mosquitos away for up to six hours.


Keeping a clean house is the most important way to prevent a roach infestation. Roaches are attracted to household messes like dirty stovetops and dishes left in the sink. They will also enter through cracks in the walls and baseboards and tiny holes, so be sure to seal up any visible points of entry. If roaches are already an issue, make your own bait — mixing boric acid with powdered sugar will attract and kill them. Just be sure to keep this natural insecticide out of reach from little ones.


From homemade flypaper made with corn syrup and sugar to a clear gallon-sized plastic bag filled with water, there are many natural remedies that may help you rid yourself of flies. Apple cider vinegar with a funnel is commonly recommended as a way to lure and trap flies. Additionally, a sponge soaked with lavender oil could also be used to repel flies. Another oil that may work is lemongrass, used as a spray to rooms that have been invaded. Lastly, soaking half a lemon with clove oil is also an effective repellent.


Apple cider vinegar is also useful to get rid of gnats — mixed with dish soap, can trap gnats that are attracted by the sweet smell. Leftover wine can also be used to lure gnats in, or even mashed up banana slices covered with plastic wrap. While fruit will draw gnats into your home, rotten fruits can be placed in a jar outside to draw the there.


A natural spider repellent is easy to make, only requiring table salt, water and a spray bottle. The repellent can be spayed at the entry points to your house and should prevent invaders. Mixing drops of citronella, citrus, cinnamon, lavender, tea tree oil, peppermint with be used as a way to kill spiders.



When it comes to removing pests naturally from your home, it’s all about being inventive and knowing what works. So, are you going to try these tips?


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  • This is really a great post! Very helpful to those who wants to get rid of pest naturally.
    And also, I’d like to add about getting rid of mosquito. Stagnant rainwater from unused wheels of cars, trucks, bikes, etc is also mosquito’s favorite breeding areas. So you also might want to consider cleaning your yards and get rid or drain the water from those unused rubber wheels.

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