Top 5 Advantages of Using Solar Powered Lights

solar powered lightsLet’s face it, technology hasn’t slowed down, not even the slightest and Solar Energy is no exception. However, trying to keep up with all the latest advancements in green energy technology is nearly impossible. With the ever increasing popularity of environmental friendly gadgets, the supply must meet the demand and this means products are being produced at a rapid pace. Solar Energy is no “newbie” to this category and really started to take off in the mid 90’s due to supply issues with natural gas and oil, global warming concerns, and as well increased photovoltaics efficiency.

Even though solar power has been around for some time now doesn’t mean it’s too late to dive into learning and experiencing the benefits of solar power. I will discuss some of the greatest advantages of using solar power lighting for all sorts of uses in and around your home.

1 – Budget Friendly

There are many ways solar lights can save you money. Entry level solar lights are actually very cheap which can allow you to start reaping the benefits of endless energy from the sun right away. You can get buy a set of solar lights for your garden or yard for around $20, this small purchase can help spark your interest in purchasing bigger lighting systems in the future.

Maintenance costs are also very beneficial when deciding to try solar lights. After the initial purchase, there is not much needed besides cleaning and repositioning the lights periodically. Most solar lights will use Lithium Batteries which have extremely long lasting characteristics. As well LED light bulbs being used in the vast majority of solar lighting really helps ensure the light will shine for countless hours, days, months, years.

2 – Clean & Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is not something to take lightly or to overlook. Our kid’s kids will no doubt have a much better planet to inhabit if we understand the importance of renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the greatest and truly is a staple among renewable energy sources. Every corner of the earth can harness solar energy. It takes no days off and we can not run out of solar energy unlike some other sources of energy. Greenhouse gases are harmful and fossil fuels are highly polluting energy sources. Solar power can fight against both of these to ensure a bright future.

3 – Easy Installation

Besides the obvious environmental and budget benefits of solar power, Installation of use of solar lights around the home is very easy thus making it a great product for everyone. Installing non-solar powered light fixtures can be costly, dangerous, time-consuming and if not done correctly…ugly. With the essentially “plug and play” aspect of solar lighting, you can light up your home quickly and efficiently.

4 – Highly Versatile

Providing light for a garage, shed, fence, gate, stairs, pathway, garden, yard, flagpole, spotlight, driveway, porch, and the list goes on. If you would imagine how much effort it would take to have all these separate areas illuminated you can see it is not a simple task. However, With solar powered lights you can easily have all these areas lit up and more. Solar lights are ever becoming more versatile with more efficient solar panels to allow for even nondirect sunlight to run the lights in the evening. Even shorter sunlights hours in winter can still get enough juice to charge the batteries for the solar lights.

5 – Security

Security of knowing that even if the power cuts out you can still depend on having lighting ready for use with your charged solar powered lights. An excellent survivability factor is knowing the sun will always rise and you can collect energy with ever increasing solar power technology. No matter if you are out camping, boondocking, hiking, or relaxing at home, you can count on solar energy to give you the power that you and your family use and need.

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