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green superfoodsOur craving for sugar and carbs has had a big influence on the choice of food we stock up in our homes. What we eat essentially determines how healthy we will be in the nearest future. It is important to eat healthy, most importantly to eat those delicious and well-prepared greens.

Many people overlook the health benefits of greens mainly because they have become so used to eating unhealthy foods. We also tend to overeat, so a meal consisting majorly of greens might not be as filling as other meals. We can live healthy and happy lives when we ensure our bodies get nourishment if we eat the greens. The fiber content in these greens aid proper digestion and, they speed up the removal of waste matter that can be left in form of harmful deposits in the body’s digestive system. Greens are also highly alkaline; this means they can rejuvenate blood cells that have become compromised by deposits left when unhealthy foods are basically part of your major meals for many years.

From studies and various interventions, we have seen that it is not too late for anyone to make a decision to start eating healthy. All it takes is a commitment and discipline to reduce and eventually substitute unhealthy foods for the green foods. The alkaline pH of these foods, balance out the pH level in your body reducing the discomforting conditions like high acidity and body weakness. In this condition, your blood cells will be energized to perform their proper functions that will generate adequate energy for your daily activities.

In what ways can we live healthier in these times when it seems like only unhealthy foods seem to be everywhere around us? Acknowledging the consequences of eating unhealthy foods is enough to scare to make you leave them alone. Greens can be eaten whole in a variety of cuisines prepared with cooking methods that preserve the nutritional value of the green foods. They can also be processed to extract their juices or into powdered forms rich in the essential nutrients we need for our bodies to remain healthy. Learn about the best masticating juicer.

We all love experimenting with drinks, and the fans of healthy eating have not been left behind in this aspect. Many new recipes have been developed for juices and smoothies made by blending healthy greens. They are healthy and the taste is very refreshing.

It was not surprising to know there are green food powders in the markets currently. These powders have been developed for busy people who might not have the liberty of properly planning the inclusion of greens in their meals. These powders can be mixed in a solution with water or mixed with your favorite smoothie for a refreshing drink. A drink like this will replenish your body’s nutrients and make you feel healthier.

This product is also great for people who engage in sports. The demands placed on your body when you engage in sports will deplete the nutritional reserves very quickly. Replenishing these lost nutrients can be easily done by mixing a healthy green drink from the powder extracts.

It is important to stay hydrated with water. Water can keep you hydrated but it has very little to do with your body’s pH level. A drink made from the green mix can sufficiently keep you hydrated and at the same time cause a balance in the pH level in your system to prevent the health horror that comes with a high level of acidity in your digestive system.

How safe is this green powdered food mix for consumption?

The green mix brands are simply made from greens that have been processed into a powdered form. They are very safe for consumption and they have been processed in a way that the nutritional value has been retained. Be sure to read a few superfood reviews before purchasing as not all mixes are created equal.

They are basically made from grass and algae; a drink is made by mixing these constituents with some water. The grasses are from wheat, alfalfa grass, and Barley. It is very common to spot these grasses growing in health shop where they are cut and processed after they have grown to some extent.

There are to variations in the grass blends used for the green mix. The first blend is made from the grasses processed without a juicer and the second blend is made using a juicer. The sales reports indicate a higher preference for the blend made using a juicer because it is known to be more soluble in the water there are claims that it is more nutritious because of how it was made. Either way, both blends taste great.

The algae component of the green mix includes Spirulina and Chlorella. These two algae have been discovered to have health benefits that will complement the grasses in the green mix. The algae have unique cleansing properties that help the body get rid of waste matter and hard metals.

A common practice we have observed is improving the taste of the green drinks with natural sweeteners. This is understandable because the taste of a drink mixed with only water might not be very easy for everyone to get used to, but natural sweeteners, when mixed with the drink, will make it quickly secure a top position in your diet. A good example of a suitable sweetener is cinnamon.

There are so many testimonials about these green drinks. Many people have written about how they have spent years seeking a solution to body weakness. They started taking green drinks and noticed they became stronger. They could even get back to work. Weakness and fatigue can be caused by compromised blood cells which become considerably less active. The nutrients in the greens and its characteristic alkalinity are factors that liberate the blood cells to become active and fully functional again.

Wouldn’t you rather choose this green powder mix than spending a lot of money buying drugs that have been made from chemicals that heal you while damaging other parts of your body? The green mix is made from purely natural and organic ingredients. They contain the necessary components to rejuvenate your body making you healthy and strong, they also aid the removal of harmful waste deposits from your body.

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