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From Recycling to Renewables: How You Can Turn Your Home Green

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We all have to do our part to help the environment. Whether it’s small things like putting street garbage into the bin or composting, we can all do something to keep the world a little greener. Renewable energy sources have given us all a great opportunity to get away from how we used to power our homes. With renewables like solar panels, small hydro systems, or wind energy capture systems, there are many different options available today to help us turn our homes green.

If you are looking for some options that can really give your house a greener edge, then read on. We have some suggestions that could truly help you make your home a green-space.

Rooftop Solar

Solar panels have been around for a long time, but their popularity has often been tied directly to their cost. Today, rooftop solar panels are much more affordable. They’re also a great way to shave the cost off your monthly power bill. A new invention from Elon Musk involves the shingling on your roof being comprised of solar panels. With these, personal solar energy generation will be even simpler.

Solar Oven

If you enjoy baked goods once in awhile, then it’s probable that you have used an oven! The issue with traditional ovens is the amount of power consumption. They are a huge draw on your system. So if you aren’t quite ready to leap to full solar panels on your roof, maybe building a solar oven is the way to go. Having a solar oven makes baking a breeze, and it ensures you will always have a warm meal during a daytime power outage.

Solar Water Heating

When you think of solar power, you think of generating electricity for your home. Solar energy is also able to heat up your water. Sunshower bags have been available for campers for years, but larger scale solar water heaters are becoming more readily available for homeowners. The solar panels heat a reserve of water, which you can then use at your leisure.

Wind Power

This option is more for those with a lot of real estate. Wind turbines need to be large enough to capture sufficient wind to power your home. Because of this, you may not be thrilled with the look of your home – or the noises the turbine makes. However, if you live in a windy part of the country, then a wind turbine will do wonders for your power bill.

Efficient Insulation

Keeping your home efficient doesn’t only mean using renewable power sources. It also means taking care of your home so that it doesn’t leak that newly acquired energy. Ensuring that your windows and doorframes are properly insulated means that you’ll be able to hold in that energy. Facing your windows south will also passively heat your home – saving you money in the long run.

Recycled & Reclaimed Materials

Building and renovating homes require a lot of materials. The purchasing of those materials can be expensive and can cause headaches – especially if you wind up buying the wrong things. One way to avoid these issues is to use recycled materials from your old home or from another project. Old doors and window frames that aren’t damaged can be valuable.

Smart Meter For Your Home

By installing a smart meter in your home, you are instantly able to tell just what your home’s temperature is – no matter where you are. Smart technology allows you to adjust your home’s temperature remotely. This means that if you aren’t home, you can turn down the heat and save some money.

Turning Your Home Green Has Never Been Easier

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to turning your home green. By investing in some smart technology for your home, and by using the right materials, you can create an eco-friendly home.

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