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How to Make Your Property Attractive to a Buyer With an Eco-Friendly Mind-Set

Regardless President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement, lots of people around the world still believe in climate change. And because of this, it’s very likely that the next people who’ll show interest in buying your home are going to be pro-going green.


Even if a potential home buyer isn’t interested in a home with a reduced carbon footprint, there are other benefits that are good selling points in convincing a home buyer your property is a good choice. For example, a green home is more energy efficient which means the home owner is going to be paying less for electricity, water, and heating bills.

So to make your property more appealing to an eco-friendly audience, you simply need to put in place the following. Strangely enough, quite a few of these home renovations are actually quite affordable;

  1. Install a programmable thermostat.

Installing a programmable thermostat is a great first step towards making your property more eco-friendly. How this helps reduce your property’s carbon footprint is your heating/cooling system consumes less energy because it only works as necessary. This way, energy isn’t wasted and is only consumed as required. This energy saving option is cost effective and will be a great added feature that potential buyers will value.

  1. Install LED lights

LED lights have been proven to be very effective in saving energy. Any property buyer who’s looking to have an eco-friendly home will appreciate seeing this feature in place as it is line with their long-term goals for their home. Because LED lights consume less energy, there is also a reduction in the home’s electricity bills and this will be greatly appreciated by any aspiring home owner. Asides from being a great green lighting option, LED lights are also a great cost saving option.

  1. Install solar panels.

A home that generates its own clean renewable energy is something an eco-friendly buyer will find hard to ignore. The solar panels can be installed on the roof for optimal sunshine. Asides from the fact that installing solar panels turns your property into one with a greatly reduced carbon footprint, it also reduces electricity bills because the house consumes less power from the power company and more of what is generated via the solar panels.


  1. Install low-flow plumbing fixtures

You can also impress an eco-friendly buyer by installing low-flow water fixtures that cut down your property’s water consumption. This will conserve the planet’s water and also reduce the cost of the property’s water bills. Low-flow fixtures can be installed on showerheads, faucets, and toilets.

  1. Install energy-efficient windows

Installing low-emittance windows provided a qualified spray foam insulation company  and increasing the efficiency of your property’s cooling and heating system is also a great way to woo a buyer. Energy-efficient windows will also effectively block out the ultra violet rays of the sun and thus make the home safer.

  1. Add some life to the property.

This is probably the most effective and yet subtle way to win over an eco-friendly buyer. To add some life to your property, simply do some landscaping. Trim the lawn and the edges and make it all look neat and appealing. You can also plant some flowers or make provisions for space for a garden where the new home owner can probably grow some foods such as tomatoes and other vegetables.

A home inspection company also recommends having proof of a recently done home inspection to prove the soundness of your property. With just some of the above in place, an eco-friendly person will likely appreciate your home as a good option for living a happy green life.

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