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3 Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Packaging Should Be The Next Investment For Your Green Business

eco-friendly packagingIt’s high time for another industrial revolution — one where climate concerns and finite resources are tackled with the technological know-how we’ve achieved over the past century. Packsize, the leading provider of  right-sized corrugated packaging solutions, has found one way to shake-up the production line and cut down on the waste that’s inherently created: change the way companies ship good to customers. The company’s On Demand Packaging® options are one of the most effective ways for shipping operations to save money, warehouse space and — last but not least — the planet. These seemingly lofty goals are accomplished through Packsize’s machines that create custom corrugated boxes to better fit the item for shipping. Below, you’ll find three reasons why eco-friendly packaging should be the next investment your business makes if “green” issues are part of your company’s culture.

1) Tackling the packaging problem: If you want to stop cramming your boxes with packing peanuts to fill the voids created by odd-shaped shipments, then it’s time to look into eco-friendly packaging as a solution. Packsize has tackled this topic by building machines you can place in your warehouse to create custom-designed boxes to better fit each product. Packsize makes a variety of machines to fit small distribution operations all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.

2) An uncertain future: Some business owners may wonder what’s the point of additional investments when they’ve already got a system that works relatively well. For starters, it’s hard to say how much longer that business model will work. For your consideration, dimensional weight pricing (1) was rolled out  in 2015 by major shipping companies as a way to base shipping costs off package size and not item weight. If you’ve got a box going out in the mail that’s mostly empty, then you’re essentially paying to ship air. By installing a custom box-making machine from Packsize, you’ll have a better-fitting and eco-friendly package that was made from responsibly-managed renewable resources.

3) The cost of convenience: Want to know the impact of the explosion of home-delivery services on the environment? A 2016 article from the New York Times found that the U.S. produced 35.4 million tons of containerboard in 2014 and e-commerce was a driving factor. (2) Think about how much more popular Amazon’s delivery service has become in the years since and it’s easy to see why cardboard creation needs re-tooling.

“Online shopping has not helped the environment,” Ardeshi Faghri, a civil engineering professor at the University of Delaware, told the newspaper at the time. “It has made it worse.”

What can business owners do to lessen their impact on the environment while remaining profitable? It’s simple: Trust Packsize to deliver the machinery needed to produce the 21st Century’s answer to the oversized and outdated off-the-shelft cardboard box.


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