5 Simple Ways to Clean a House with Dogs

The good news of having a furry friend is that you’re likely healthier and more blissful. How about the bad news? Keeping your home clean might be a tough challenge. But, it’s not an impossible task since I’ve compiled 5 simple ways to clean house with dogs that you shouldn’t miss for sure. Down here to know now!

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Keeping your house clean with dogs – HOW?


Step 1 – Clean your dog regularly

A funky and dirty dog can make your home smelly and messy. So, creating a regular grooming such as brushing and bathing will keep your place cleaner whilst stopping risky canine health problems. Once a month, this is the best time for washing your dog. However, you can consult the idea with your veterinarian to make a good decision. For brushing, you should do a few times of week to lessen the bulk of hair in your house. And don’t forget to brush your dog’s paws with a clean moist rag after every walk.

Step 2 – Get a quality vacuum cleaner

The best vacuum cleaner with a quality filter, a great brush action, and an extra powerful suction can help you pick up annoying hairs and eliminate odors effectively. Besides, remember to check your flooring’s type and upholstery in order to look for the most appropriate device. Make sure to vacuum your carpets and rugs daily or at least twice a week, depending on the number of people and dogs in your house. Later, always clean out the filter to prevent the smell of dog hair.

Step 3 – Upgrade the sofa

If you see your sofa full of dog hairs, it’s time to upgrade it. You need to know that the wrong material acts like a magnet that keeps hair, smelly odors and undesirable stain. When searching for the new couch, focus on the tightly woven or leather material because you can easily clean the dog’s hair as well as decrease the damage from scratching and claws.

Step 4 – Set up a dog-proof area

Drop cloths and washable rugs that are made from cotton canvas can be useful to dog proof your area. Put them in the entry way so that you can wipe the dog’s dirty paws before permitting her to enter the house. Relying on that, your floor and furniture will be kept clean. Or you also use a towel and a shallow pot with warm water to wipe her.

Alternatively, try making or buy a bed and put it in a comfortable place to attract your dog. Place it near a window and then she will relax quietly for many hours. In case that she loves seeing you around, you can move her bed where she can observe you.

Step 5 – Clean your dog’s toys

One of the most dangerous things that can easily interest germs and become a breeding place for bacteria is the dog’s toys. Make sure to cleanse them with warm water and mild soap before bringing back home, especially from outside. Additionally, you can immerse these toys in white vinegar and then rinse with fresh water to disinfect. And always keep them in a toy box so that your dog can take and play with ease.

In a word

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As long as you have a great companionship of your dogs, you frequently keep your house clean and hygienic and never use her as a reason to your messy house. With 5 simple ways including grooming or vacuuming carpets regularly or cleaning the dog’s toy, etc. to clean a house with dogs, you will soon enjoy a tidy house, a healthy family, and your lovely dog. Stop overthinking, try it to receive great results.

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