Ways To Reduce Waste In Your Home

reduce waste - try compostingYour home is a haven where you enjoy spending time with friends and family. Moreover, it should be sparkling clean, kept free of pests and diseases. The challenge, however, is that so much waste gets generated in homes and considering your busy schedule, managing the waste can be hard work. Nevertheless, you can effectively keep your house free of waste by just reducing the amount of waste production. Here are excellent tips on how to go about it.

Understand the rules of recycling

A proven method of reducing the amount of waste from your home is to recycle what you can. Fortunately, for you homeowners, recycling is relatively straightforward. You only need to conduct a little research to determine what the specific recycling rules in your jurisdiction are, and then implement what is relevant to you.

Get rid of the plastic bags

Many people use plastic bags to keep items like groceries, veggies and much more. Even though these bags provide safe storage, over time, they pile up and clutter your home. Instead of putting up with too many plastic bags, why not substitute them with reusable cloth bags. They are not only attractive but environmentally friendly as well.

Establish a meal plan

Studies reveal that a huge chunk of the household waste comprises of uneaten food. Ironically, this wastage is preventable. All you need to do is to develop a meal plan where you only purchase what you are sure you will eat.

Invest in reusable containers

Even though only purchasing what you will eat significantly reduces the amount of waste, it is not enough. You must go one step further and store whatever food you buy, safely. Here is where having reusable airtight containers comes in handy. They offer a practical and inexpensive way to extend the life of perishables like whole foods, baking ingredients, and cereals.

Consider composting

Whenever we encounter trash in the home, the immediate reaction for most people is to throw it in the garbage can. Instead of throwing the waste in the bin, why not sort the organic waste and start composting. This waste can provide useful nutrients to your kitchen garden or even lawn.

Get hands-on

At times the huge pile of junk in our homes comprises of worn-out or broken down items. If you’ve come across a pile like this, rather than disposing of it, a prudent idea would be to first try and fix them. Only get rid of those that are completely irreparable. Bearing this in mind, it is important that you purchase high-quality items which will not break down unnecessarily.

Cancel pointless mail and subscriptions

You would be surprised at the large amount of junk your mail box generates. Consisting of documents like invoices, catalogs, magazines, flyers and much more. Most of these documents stay for months before even being opened. If you have such subscriptions in place, it might be wise to cancel them or ask the senders to remove your name from their mailing lists. If you feel like some correspondence is worth receiving, you could subscribe to receive the online versions instead of the printed variety.

Discard disposable plates, coffee cups, and water bottles

Even though disposable utensils like paper plates and coffee cups are a convenient tableware, they leave a trail of dirty paper all over the compound. For this reason, try and refrain from using them even if you hate doing the dishes. Excellent alternatives would be purchasing durable plates, water bottles, and a coffee flask.

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