7 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat

There isn’t such a person in the whole world, who doesn’t hear anything about healthy lifestyle, gluten-free foods, sports and junk food – foods you should exclude from your ration.

You can be a person, who doesn’t connect with all this healthy stuff, for instance, an engineer, creating an amazing technologies for everyday routine, or you can be a designer, making incredible clothes, or even a teacher or a writer, offering professional editing services for others people, no doubt, you’ve already considered some facts about foods you should never eat in order to be strong and healthy!

Just to make sure you are on the proper way to a perfect mood, healthy state and strong body of your dream, we prepared for you a small list of foods to avoid! So, here we go!

7 foods do not eat


  1. Most Fast Food Meals

Potato chips, French fries, burgers, pizzas…who doesn’t like it? Actually, all that kinds of junk food taste delicious and gorgeous, but on the other hand, there are extremely many reasons why fast foods are bad for you. The point is that fastest food meals consist an extremely high level of fat, oils, sugar, unnecessary and totally unhealthy carbs and a huge bunch of other terrible ingredients that literally kills our system. Because of all these vital facts, we put fast food meals to our list of foods never to eat!


  1. Sugary Drinks

There are two kinds of people that have two different opinions on sugary beverages. The first group states that it has a terrible effect on human constitution, the second one – agrees with the first, but still continues to drink it because of good taste. But the whole point of sugary drinks is that not only a “harmful” soda (Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, etc.) has dangerous consequences, but a “healthy” yogurt can include even more sugar and stabilizers, although previously we considered it as a good option for a healthy snack.

  1. Sweets and Cakes

The next point on our list belongs, probably, to the most delicious foods in the world for many of us – sweets, chocolates, cakes, cookies, etc. People of any age like it, especially children. But the whole problem with eating this kind of foods is the fact, that the more you eat it – the more you want it. There are a lot of different articles and books about sugar, showing its effects on our body, and a 2014 Australian documentary film starring and directed by Damon Gameau “That Sugar Film”  is one of the best sources, giving detailed information about hidden sugar in foods and the effect it can have on the human body.


  1. Packed Fruit Juice

People who are interested in healthy lifestyle and sports, aware of the fact that a packed fruit juice isn’t the best friend for their body.

You can be surprised or even shocked getting to know, that all kinds of juice that you can see on the markets’ shelves are the main and the most hidden source of calories in a beautiful colored pack. Is it taste good? Yes, sure. Is it delicious? Of course!! But is it health-giving? NO! That’s why, try to forget about packed fruit juice and some other forbidden snacks and drinks, especially if you are interested in sports, like drinking(eating) it during your workout, you won’t become healthier.

  1. Sausages

It’s not a secret that all kinds of sausages are one of the most popular fast food meals in the world. Some people like how it tastes, others – because of laziness and unwilling to prepare really healthy meat dishes. Of course, it’s all about your choice, you can eat and buy everything you want, but take into account a simple notion – there isn’t even 50% of meat in any kinds of sausages. Do you still want to consume it?

  1. Most Sauces

Do you notice, that we almost never eat French fries without ketchup, or mayonnaise, or steak without BBQ sauce? It’s very delicious, and everyone adds it the dishes. But can you realize that only one little spoon of mayonnaise consists more than one hundred calories, and one small pack of ketchup – only seventeen percent of tomatoes! It’s not very hard to guess, that these products include an unbelievable high level of fats, oils, sugar, and a bunch of preservatives and stabilizers. For more detailed information about sauces and some others common condiments, check out the article by Arti Patel about that.

  1. Alcohol

Despite the fact, that every person in the world realizes the harmful effect of the alcohol on a body, there are still a lot of people who still drink it. Of course, we understand, that one glass of wine is not a problem, but one bottle of beer every single evening is much worse. We should also realize, that there is a huge difference between alcohol, for example, wine in small amounts seems to be fine, while beer causes weight gain. Be attentive!


Thus, our small list for you of seven foods not to eat comes to an end! Try to do your best with all the information and facts in order to make yourself much healthier than you were yesterday. Never forget that: “You are, what you eat,” hence be more creative, more organic, more “green,” be happy with your own body and every day try to become the better version of yourself! Good luck!

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