7 Simple Ways to Eat Green Every Day

The eat green movement has fortunately been gaining ground across the world in the last few years, as more and more people are concerned about how their eating habits are affecting the planet.

This sustainable food movement can be seen in the way we talk about food nowadays: organic, GMO, cage free eggs, etc. These terms are very much a part of our culture now, which means that people are increasingly thinking about ways to eat green and improve the environment.

If you’ve been concerned about nature but don’t know how to start eating green, we’ll show you 7 simple ways for how you can eat green every day.

1. Reuse your shopping bags

The first way to eat green and help the environment doesn’t have to do with eating at all. Instead, you need to watch how much plastic you’re using every day.

Plastic in general is useful for humans but harmful for the environment for the simple fact that plastic doesn’t biodegrade. It just stays there, virtually forever, and can wreak havoc on life forms on land and sea.

In order to minimize that possibility, you should reuse your shopping bags.

2. Shop differently

Before we get to food, you’ll still need to change the way you shop in general. This means simple changes to the types of products you buy.

For example, while water is great, the plastic in bottled water – and the fact that people buy a lot of these bottles each day – is harmful to the environment.

Similarly, if you have a choice between plastic packaging and cardboard or other biodegradable material, pay the extra cents and get something that won’t impact nature so negatively.

3. Eat local

Finally – food. Eating locally grown food has lots and lots of benefits. First, environmentally, it means that you’re decreasing your carbon footprint (as you won’t need lots of fuel to transport the food).

Secondly, it will also taste great, as local, fresh food is much better than food produced in cities, states and countries far away.

Lastly, you’ll also be supporting local businesses, meaning they’ll be able to offer more and more great food options.

4. Go organic

While organic does sound like a trendy word, it is basically food as it should be grown: without pesticides and other nasty “conventional” methods.

Organic food will normally look differently, but will also often taste much better and have greater health benefits.

The downside of organic food (at the moment) however is that it can be a bit pricier, so you’ll have to figure out how much organic food you can fit into your food budget.

5. Grow your own

There are lots and lots of different fruits, vegetables and herbs you can easily grow on your own.

And, no, you don’t need to be a farmer with acres of land to do it. You can even do it in a tiny New York City apartment.

Herbs are quite easy to grow, but so are tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries and others. And, of course, they’ll taste better since they’ll be your very own.

6. Eat local, organic meat

Again, what goes for your fruit and veggies should also go for your meat. If you go local and organic, you’re really helping not just your own health and body, but also your local community and environment in general.

Locally-raised organic meat have better conditions for the livestock, as well as not being fed with antibiotics or growth hormones.

7. Double your home-cooked food

Lastly, you can also eat green by eating right where you live. If you have your organic, locally grown produce and locally-raised meat, then you’re already doing a great job.

However, if you want to minimize your carbon footprint, you should try to be more efficient in your cooking.

Instead of making a new meal each evening, why not try to double your recipe from time to time and have a great meal for both dinner and lunch, or dinner and dinner.

That way, you’ll save yourself the time to cook again, as well as lowering how much energy you’ll be using.

Eat green and be happy

One of the other upsides to eating green (besides helping the environment and your own health) is that you’ll feel more energetic, positive and content on a regular basis.

When you eat green, and being aware of the fact that you’re eating healthy and sustainably, you can really help to lift your moods and keep you happy throughout the day.


Bio: Nicolas Le Berre is a writer for Lima France, a world leader in developing innovative food manufacturing machines.

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