Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use a .Earth Domain

Branding is what sets companies and organizations apart – especially in the green business arena.  One of the most important pieces of branding real estate is your website domain name, which often becomes synonymous – or even more recognizable – than your actual company name.

For Earth-friendly, consciously minded organizations, securing and using a .Earth top-level domain (i.e., can start you on the right path to success. It shows that you believe in what’s good for the planet & there are multiple domain registrars to choose from where you can register it..

Following are the top 7 reasons a .Earth domain is right for you:

7) A .Earth Domain is a Platform: It allows all environmentally conscious citizens to share their voice about enriching life on Earth.

6) Better Than .com: Brand yourself “Right of the Dot,” and expand beyond the traditional “dot com” or “dot net.” A .Earth domain extension is a simple and highly effective way of letting everyone know that your organization’s mission is to save the planet.

5) Make “Earth” Part of Your Company Name: Consider changing your branding to include “Earth” in your organization or campaign’s name.  Catalog.Earth and Access.Earth are prime examples of organizations that are effectively using the .Earth domain name as part of their overall brand.

4) Have Passion? The .Earth domain reinforces the passion that many organizations and individuals have for the planet.

3) Cost-Effective:  Securing a new .Earth domain extensions will not break the bank – even for premium names.

2) Trust in You: .Earth domain names convey a higher level of trust to your customers, partners, and constituents when they are seeking out information about your organization.

1) Put Earth First (Always): In this day and age, it’s always good to remind ourselves that the Earth does come first. Show your audience.

Make a statement! Roll your passions and beliefs into your online brand. Thankfully, you can do just that by extending the value of your brand into the hearts and minds of your key audiences by securing a .Earth domain extension.


About the Author:

Matt Langan is the Editor of the Voices.Earth news site, which covers all news related to the .Earth domain extension. Be sure to check out the Voices.Earth “Leading Voices” podcast series, where happy .Earth domain users share their unique stories here.

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