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Maintain Your Car For Greener Driving

If you fail to keep your car in top condition through regular maintenance, then you’ll be driving a car that unnecessarily pollutes the air. If you develop a problem with burning oil, then it creates excessive smoke. When the engine of your car is not in good condition, it burns more gas per mile which further pollutes the air. It’s best if you have your automobile thoroughly inspected at least once a year. If you were to have it checked twice a year, that’s even better.

Routinely Check Your Tire Pressure

Anytime the tire pressure is not correct it can reduce fuel mileage. It’s recommended that you check them at least a couple of times a month and ideal is once a week. To be certain you’re getting an accurate reading when testing the pressure of your tires, make sure that you do it when they’re cool. When the tires are underinflated the car won’t drive as smoothly, it will burn excess fuel, and it will take longer to accelerate to the wanted speed.

As well as needing the proper pressure, the wheels also need to be aligned. If they are not aligned they will burn more fuel because of the drag that’s created when driving. Aligning the wheels is not something that you can do on your own and will require taking it to a certified mechanic. The best time to do this is in the summer and again in the winter when you’re changing the tires for the season.

Don’t Unnecessarily Idle The Car

Many Drivers will leave the car idling if they’re just going to run into the store quickly and return, or for other similar situations. It may seem that it’s not a big deal and some may even worry that starting and stopping the car routinely is hard on the starter but it’s much better to turn the car off than to let it idle.  Whether it’s because you just stop long enough while waiting for someone that you’re picking up, or any other reason, you should turn the car off and not start it again until you’re ready to begin driving.

Join A Carpool Or Start One With Your Neighbors And Co-Workers

If you’re commuting to get to work and back every day it means you’re having to do that at least five times a week. That much driving with just one person in the car burns a lot of unnecessary fuel compared to the same amount of fuel taking multiple people. Joining an existing carpool or creating one with your neighbors or coworkers can save everyone money and reduce the impact of air pollution. It will also mean lower mileage in your car which can result in a cheaper insurance premium. Everyone will still get to work on time and it can be a very convenient way that is helpful to everyone and the environment.

Consider Taking Public Transportation

You should ask yourself if it’s genuinely necessary to always take your car to work. There are almost certainly times where it would be just as convenient to use public transportation instead. Instead of driving, if you can use the train or bus to get to work you just might find that in some ways it’s easier than taking your car.

It will almost certainly cost a lot less to take public transportation rather than driving your car which puts wear and tear on the car, increases its mileage, and burns gas. If you have to pay for parking that’s an additional cost and another incentive to use public transportation. Once you begin using public transportation, you are highly likely to enjoy it and wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

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