4 Easy Ways To Eat More Vegetables Every Day

It is easy for us to detest vegetables. During our younger years, we always tried our best to veer away to these green and leafy foods. Despite their high nutritional value, the taste of vegetables is not to everyone’s liking. But of course, it is just a misconception that you should eradicate already.

There are good reasons why you should convince yourself to start loving veggies. There are easy ways to eat more vegetables every day! It will just matter how convicted you are in making yourself healthy and fit. Pull yourself together because it is the high time already to welcome vegetables in your food palette.

1. Put them on Priority

If you want to notice your vegetables first, then you should put them on a place in where they are conspicuous. In your fridge, this should be the top shelf. Don’t cache them on the bottom part of the shelf because you will tend to forget about them. Take note that those hidden food items are likely to be ignored.

2. Vegetable Deliveries

Give yourself something that you can’t resist. If you have some retailers or suppliers deliver vegetables on a daily or weekly basis, then you have no other choice than to consume. Otherwise, you will be wasting money if you are just going to let the veggies rot. Of course, it is also a grave sin to throw food. These constant deliveries will force you to eat the vegetables. And who knows, you might eventually like them!

3. Making a Wish List

What is the recipe that makes your mouth water? Try answering this question then add the vegetables in the equation. Anything that you can prepare in the kitchen can be mixed with vegetables. Even your favorite fruit juices can still be revamped by adding veggies to them. Have you ever heard of orange carrot juice? The latter is just one out of the many food recipes that can be enhanced by vegetables. Your homemade pizzas, soups, and other leisure snacks can be served better if you include some green stuff to them!

4. Veggies for Breakfast

Don’t think that your breakfast can go on without vegetables. You might be missing a lot if you skip these ingredients in your morning eating regimen. But it doesn’t mean that you are going to eat them raw. In fact, you can include them in your favorite breakfast meals like omelets and frittatas! Of course, if you want a more straightforward option, just make an old-school salad. Your day would be better and livelier if you munch these delicacies before going outside!


At some point, you will eventually forget the atrocities that the vegetables inflicted at you during your younger days. It is time to cure that particular trauma and start embracing these wonderful ingredients. They could be delicious if you prepare them right! But if they still don’t appeal to your tongue, then eat them still. Stop eating just for the sake of satisfying yourself. Eat veggies so that you can get your body the nourishments it needs!


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