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Gardening Teaches Us Recycling Skills

Gardening is the exercise of growing plants as part of horticulture (a science which studies the art of cultivating fruits, flowers, vegetables and any other kinds of cultivar). It is a great recreational activity or hobby that can teach you a lot of things especially in saving the environment without costing much expense financially. You could always use recyclable materials in your garden if you just put your mind into it and be creative.

The most common kind of recycling skills in the garden is composting, using garden waste, using kitchen leftovers, newspaper and other items that can serve as a fertilizer. You can also use scraps or old materials to decorate your garden by just being resourceful and putting them in another use.

There are plenty of ways to do recycling in your garden; here are some of the recycling skills in the garden that you could use:

Recyclable Material Ideas You Might Use in Your Garden

  1. Water bottles

recycling skills - water bottles in garden

Water bottles may be considered as the most common recyclable material you could see in most gardens.


Bottles have a lot of use in the garden. They could be used as pots to hold the seeds and cultivate them or you could also turn them into containers to put and organize seeds.

  1. Garbage cans

A garbage can that already leaks could make a great compost bin


Make extra holes to become drainage in the can. Put a sealed lid, so you can roll on its side to mix the compost.

If the garbage bin is still intact but produces extreme odor you can’t get rid of, transform it into a rain barrel. Add a spigot at the bottom of the can and put some screening on top. There are also rain barrel construction guides online you can check out.

  1. Composting

Composting is the natural process of recycling decomposed organic matter into a rich form of soil called compost.

Cleaning out your refrigerator could mean throwing out spoiled goods or foods. You can throw almost anything into compost such as wilted vegetables, plastics, meats, junk mail, nut shells, egg shells and a lot more. Hover here to see the Kangaroo gardening bag which will help in collecting and transporting to your compost pile.

  1. Old PVC

PVCs could turn into a shelter for frogs that may help control pest and insect populace in your backyard. This is a pest control trick you might want to try. Cut the PVC into 3-foot lengths, paint it green or not (depending on your choice) and position it in the flowerbeds.

  1. Pantyhose

Put your worn out pantyhose into good use for the garden.


Cut strips of your pantyhose to style plant ties that won’t slash into the stems. You can also use pantyhose to hold on to heavy produce, like squash or cantaloupes, so they don’t haul free from the stems. In applying powder organic insecticides, you can make use of the foot end of the pantyhose and can serve as a shaker.

  1. Blinds

Broken blinds have several uses in the garden. The blades can be used as plant tags or labels if you cut it with scissors. It could save you from the confusion of which is which. The hard plastic knob (the one that is used in light adjustment) can be used as a plant post and the soft twine can be used to fasten plants up when they start to get heavy.

  1. Garden Art

You can use almost anything to make your garden look aesthetically beautiful and relaxing. From old containers to glass wine, even old bicycle – once you put your mind to it, you could transform these materials into something wonderful without costing you to spend much.

  1. Cereal boxes

Make your cereal box find its useful way to your garden with the handy tip below.


Empty cereal and split them into pieces and integrate with your on-hand mulch. They will disintegrate over time while assisting to repress the weeds. If you are having troubles with grass marching into your landscape beds, bury the flat boxes below the mulch along the frame of the bed. It will help you control the grass invasion in your landscape.

  1. Cardboard Toilet Paper Tubes as Pots

Exercise your recycling skills in the garden using simple cardboard toilet paper tubes. Cardboard Toilet paper tubes could be turned into pots for planting seeds. Put them in a secured tray and get the base open or fold them in. When you are set to transfer, unwrap the bottom and plant straight into the soil with the tube left on.

Cardboard Toilet paper tubes can also be another simple tool to kick your garden up a notch.



Gardening teaches you to save the environment by making use of old things that some people would initially think as broken or of no longer use. However, in the garden it could do more and could serve another function. Recycling is the process of transforming waste materials into new objects and giving people that healthy drive to create more and do more. Having efficient recycling skills in the garden not only helps the gardener in nurturing his yard but also enhances one’s skill in being creative and thinking out of the box.



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