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Deals for the Green Savvy Motorist

how to be savvy motoristA greener driver is a more considerate driver. It is someone who looks after their emissions, monitors which pollutants the car produces and cares how badly it is harming the environment. The emissions include NO2  (nitrous oxide) and various hydrocarbons which have created lung problems in our big cities. It is also has an effect on the ozone layer.

Reduce the Weight of Your Vehicle

A good way to reduce the amount of gas you use is not to have so much weight in your trunk and to remove unneeded bike racks. It is a good idea to make sure that your tires have sufficient air. Low rolling resistance tires are better in reducing friction; the problem is that they may make your car harder to drive. If you brake too much or speed excessively that can also affect the amount of gas you use.

Downsize Your Vehicle

It is better to drive a small car than a larger car. Bigger cars have the reputation of guzzling the gas but vans can also eat into the gas. Obviously there are some professions that require the use of a van – those people will need to look at other ways of remaining eco-friendly.

Different Sources of Power

What about removing gas altogether? Well we may be a long way off. It is unlikely that there will be electricity-powered cars for everybody, but it has been worked out that by 2050 electric vehicles will represent at least 65% of car sales and that may go up to 75%, depending on oil and gas prices. At the moment the cost of these vehicles and the difficulty in plugging them in and restoring the amount of energy tends to prevent people from choosing to buy them.

The compromise at the moment is the hybrid electrical/gas car. The battery power that this type of car uses, though not as strong as a full electric car certainly has a great deal to recommend it. As well as cleaner than full gas cars they are also quieter and have smaller engines, which means they don’t add excess weight to the car. As with all vehicles the hybrid car must be adequately covered so that it’s safe on the road.

It should be pointed out that any car can be involved in an accident, even a top of the range clean machine. A vehicle needs not just be clean but also roadworthy otherwise there will be problems ahead.

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