Can You Really Make Your Business Greener In One Month Flat? (Hint: Absolutely!)


A greener business operation is desirable for several reasons in this modern age. First and foremost, it will often generate reduced overheads for increased profit margins. Secondly, it’s great news for your social conscience as we all have a responsibility to protect the earth. Finally, when customers spot that you are acting in a suitable manner, they’ll be more likely to back the brand.

The incentives are clear to see, but no business wants to make investments if it takes years for the rewards to show. Fast results are the name of the game. Thankfully, with the right strategies in place, you can improve the state of your business in as little as one month. Here’s how:

The Workspace

As a small business, operating from a needlessly oversized space is one of the worst things you could ever do. Downsizing offices will instantly reduce the amount of energy waste, especially when you adopt green habits too. You can learn more about those at, and they could transform the venture. Not only from an eco-friendly viewpoint but also from a financial one.


Energy waste isn’t the only thing that you need to consider. The virtual arena and cloud computing have opened a variety of new options. Storing documents digitally saves the need for printing materials and storage space. Frankly, this one change can generate significant change almost immediately.

Of course, you will need to gain the support of your team behind the business too. Sadly, individual improvements count for very little without the group effort. If you’re finding it difficult to motivate the staff to make those changes, a few perks should do the trick. Nevertheless, emphasizing the importance of greener ideas should go a long way to promoting a positive outcome.

The Operation

A workspace that uses modern tech and methods is a great starting point. However, it’s often the external operational endeavors that separate the good from the great. Once again, a team effort is needed. Learn how cycle to work schemes at When implemented well, they can bolster green levels as well as the team atmosphere and brand image.

It’s almost guaranteed that you will team up with other businesses, and knowing that they’re on board is key. Otherwise, all the good work you’re doing will be undone by the negative influence of your network. Besides, there’s always a chance that you can learn a thing or two from them too. Better still, they can help you reap those rewards in double quick time.


Choosing eco-friendly manufacturing methods is great. But you need to remember that your influence doesn’t start and end on-site. The delivery is equally vital, which is why greener packaging is always advised. Aside from the direct benefits, this is something that clients get to see too. And it may significantly enhance their opinion of the brand.

The Verdict

While many entrepreneurs fear that it’ll take a monumental shift to go green, it’s the small gestures that often make the biggest impact. Given that they can be implemented quickly too, now is the time for action. For more business related information, check out

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