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Green Halloween House Decoration Ideas

Technical progress is increasing every day. People buy new gadgets, equip their houses with modern technologies and travel by cars. But in the chaos of everyday routine, we forget about nature. Nature gave birth to every single organism on the planet, but now it’s being neglected. Though, there are still people who care about environment and planet they live on. They don’t use plastic, prefer traveling by bicycle and decorate their houses using only eco-friendly materials.

With the upcoming holiday of Halloween, some people lack green Halloween decoration ideas. So, we prepared eco tips for you to go green for Halloween.

  1. Save pumpkin for the pie!

This enormous orange vegetable is a symbol of scary fest! Pumpkin carving is probably the most enjoyable Halloween activity. When cutting out jack-o-lantern’s eyes and mouth we tend to empty the inside of the pumpkin. But this year you can try delicious way to save the flesh and seeds – make a pie. Delicate flesh will make the pie taste yummy and sweet and roasted seeds will add spicy scent. Who knows, maybe this pie will become your favorite dish?

  1. Go vintage

Costumes become the talk of the town when Halloween is coming. We combine craziest ideas to scare our neighbors or friends to the death! However, it is difficult to come across affordable dressing. You have the way to avoid spending too much – try vintage style this year.

Visit your grandpa’s and take a look at your grandparent’s old clothes and accessories. Vintage style is super trendy now, and you can recreate some 50 of 60 looks for Halloween. No need to buy a new costume when you can create such on your own!

  1. Arrange green party

Party is a great way to gather friends and relatives for Halloween. However, instead of buying plastic cups and plates you can choose paper ones. You can also make cheap Halloween decorations from paper. Cut out bats, spiders, and witches and paint them in dark colors. How to create cheap paper decorations for the scariest holiday? Click here for info.

Spider webs are perfect attributes for Halloween. Fake webs can be done with the help of white thread. Green shelves at the supermarkets offer eco products and materials, so it won’t be difficult to find green attributes for the party.

  1. Make horrible jars

Don’t get rid of up empty jars – they can be reused for Halloween. Fill them with water, add natural colors and add cauliflower inside. Looks like a real brain isn’t it?

On the other hand, you can put animal toys such as spiders or lizards inside the jar filled with water. Such decorations will frighten your friends out of wits.

  1. Use autumn leaves

Nature offers bright Halloween decorations – tree leaves. Red, orange, yellow or dark green colored leaves are perfect for creating DIY decor. You can make a colorful leaf wreath for your front door or delicate bowl for fruits and veggies. Turn on your imagination and make up new leaf ideas for All Saints Day décor.

  1. Make your house look creepy!

Young trick-or-treaters are going to explore the street demanding sweets. But make kids feel scary atmosphere before giving off all your candies! Green outdoor Halloween decorations are your helpers! Your garden is full of natural materials. You can use twigs, old trees, flowers and even soil. Create a tree monster painting bright red eyes and mouth on the trunk. The cheap cheesecloth will make your porch look creepy. And don’t forget about ghosts from white sheets!

  1. Reuse packages and containers.

We bet, your kitchen is full of empty packages and bottles. If you were going to throw them away, don’t do this – they can be reused for holiday decorations. Wine bottles are an absolute trend now. Transparent ones can be painted and used as vases. Bottles can also serve as candlesticks.

Egg cartons can turn into bats to decorate your home for the party. Just paint them in black and add a bright ribbon.

There are many ways to prepare Halloween decorations from green materials. Reusing materials, you can make up things for every holiday. Save your money and planet making this creepy fest green and eco.

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