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Oct 13

The Most Compelling Benefits of Riding a Bike Instead of Driving

bike in cityIt has been long established that riding a bike is the way to go if you want to make a difference for your environment. Cars can be real detrimental to the environment and sacrificing a bit of speed in favor of a healthier world is something that many will take gladly.  However, many are no doubt curious about what other benefits they can enjoy if they decide to switch to a bike. In that regard, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be showing you all the cool things that you get as perks for ditching your car and hopping on a bike. If you feel like you are stuck in a relationship with your car, don’t worry.  There are plenty ways how you can reorganize your schedule or learn how to get out from under a car loan. With that said, let’s see what you can expect from bike riding.

Seeing your city for the first time

Driving around can make everything look like a big blur (literally). Even if you live in the same place for years, you might not be familiar with everything (or even half) of what your city has to offer. When you’re riding a bike instead of driving, you get to see all the cool things you would have never noticed through a car window. Because you’re moving at a considerably slower pace, everything comes into focus and you suddenly realize just how pretty the surrounding area can be. Especially if you have parks or natural attractions on the way to your commute destination, you will arrive at work with a much better and fresher attitude.

Say goodbye to frustrating traffic

Sight-seeing on your way to work and inhaling fresh nature every morning isn’t the only way to eliminate stress. You will also have to deal with far less, if not even zero traffic. Riding a bike might be slower, but it literally opens new paths for you to explore, and you get to sneak through vehicles with incredible ease. All these help you beat traffic every time and get where you need to be in due time. It’s a great perk, especially for those that really don’t like getting up too early in the morning.

You get an insane workout

Fitting in a full workout in a busy schedule is tough. However, you get a free, demanding workout just by riding your bike to work, and then back home. Even if you skip the return journey and catch a ride with a friend or the bus, you still have one hell of a workout for the day. You can actually save money this way because you no longer need to be subscribed to a gym.  As a result, you are fresher, healthier and better looking, just like the environment you protect by riding a bike.

Riding a bike doesn’t just help the environment; it helps you, and quite a lot.  Whether you’re trying to find new ways to improve your lifestyle or are in need of a complete makeover, this would be a great solution because bikes are relatively cheap. Every mile traversed on your bike is another month added to your lifespan (those aren’t accurate numbers but you get the idea).

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