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A Brief Introduction to Air Source Heat Pumps

air source heat pumpsWhat is an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps are installed outside. In basic terms, they work by absorbing heat from the outside air and transferring it into heat. This hot water can then be utilised to heat hot water, which can in turn be used directly or within wet central heating systems.

How does an air source heat pump work?

  1. Heat is extracted from the outside airt and pulled through an evaporator
  2. A refrigerant liquid is passed through the system
  3. A compressor raises the temperature of the refrigerant and it converts it into a gas
  4. The Gas refrigerant is then carried through a condenser and the heat is used to heat water.
  5. Once the heat is extracted the gas returned to a liquid and is reused by the system.

Should I consider an air source heat pump?

Alan Kelf owns a company specialising in renewable heating in Norfolk and he supports the air source heat pumps are a great option when considering an alternative heat source, 2Air source heat pumps are becoming a very popular option, they have a very low carbon foot print, low maintenance and cost effective to run. Thanks to the limited amount of space required indoors, many of our customers are opting for this style of system, as it does not require a lot of upheaval or the installation of a large internal boiler.

What are the main advantages of air source heat pumps?

  • Air source heat pumps take up less space than other renewable heating systems
  • They have a low carbon footprint
  • The main system is based outside, so there is little space used up within your property
  • Air source heat pumps are more cost effective to install than alternative options
  • When the heating system is well designed, they are very efficient. They can reach levels of 5.1kW of heat for every 1Kw of electricity used in order to run them.
  • They are compatible with wet central heating systems and under floor heating
  • Low maintenance systems mean the ongoing costs are minimal


If you are searching for an Eco friendly heating option, then installing an air source heat pump could be the ideal choice for you, providing you have an adequate amount of outside space available. For further information visit the Energy saving Trust.

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