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Living in an age where technology and electric is part of our everyday lives; it can be very difficult to cut the costs of our bills and live in a more green manner, looking after the environment in our own homes. Luckily there are ways to change your home to make it more eco and better for the environment.

Before you start, consider clearing out a lot of the junk you have in your home. You could hire a moving company such as MyBekins to take your goods to a safe place and allow you to decide what to keep what to throw away, and also clear some space for the work you’ll be doing on your home.

Let’s take this room by room…



Cut back your shower flow by buying a low flow showerhead. It will give you 1.5 gallons per minute rather than the standard 3. You can also change your shower curtain to a glass door, in order to save having to throw the curtain in landfill after use.


Baths use more water than showers, which is why it should be more of a relaxing treat now and again rather than daily ritual. To cut down water wastage, plug the drain before you start running the water. The temperature will even itself out eventually anyway.


Opt for a high efficiency flush which will use less than 2 gallons of water per flush.


Never leave the water running when you brush your teeth!



The fridge is the biggest energy user in the kitchen because it is constantly switched on. To help keep the energy down to a minimum;

  • Keep the fridge and freezer full, you’ll lose less cooling when you open the door
  • Place hot food outside in the cold before in the fridge to save energy cooling the food
  • Decide what you want before opening the door so you don’t leave it open too long

Dish washing

A dishwasher on average uses 10 gallons of water, whereas washing by hand uses 3-5 gallons. Ditch the chunky appliance and apply some elbow grease!



If you get cold very easily, buy a thicker duvet! It will last you longer than a thin one and will avoid you having to put the heating on at night.


Get into the habit of clearing out your closet once a year. A great trick is to hang everything back up with the hanger angled back, at the end of the year you’ll be able to see which items of clothing you haven’t touched. Then you can pile everything up and give to charity for someone else to enjoy.



Try and avoid purchasing brand new paper, recycled paper is just as good and cuts waste by a huge amount. It saves trees and uses much less water than making new paper.


Make the switch to a laptop rather than desktop, it uses much less energy and is more convenient for using around the house.

Standby Mode

Your TV, Computer, Games Consoles and other items have a small LED light at the front of them, indicating whether they are turned on, on standby, or off. These little lights use energy that is just not necessary when you aren’t using the appliance. To save energy, don’t leave things on standby in the house.

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