Greenvigorated: Choosing a More Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle

Choosing a More Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle To adopt a greener lifestyle is to make a deliberate effort to conserve and protect the earth’s natural resources, while you live your life the way you want it but without disrupting the ecosystem or natural cycle of existence. It means ensuring sustainability and protecting the biodiversity of our world. It doesn’t cost anything; and no, it doesn’t mean giving up the good things of life either.

Actually, to choose a more eco-friendly life means to opt for a cleaner, healthier and more invigorating living that also saves energy and money. It will help you reduce waste around you and allow the earth’s resources to regenerate for everyone’s benefits.  Here’s how:

Save energy, every chance you got

From oil to natural gas to electrical power, energy is becoming harder to generate and more costly. Also, the energy the human population uses gives off as much as 21.3 billion tonnes of carbon every year, which accounts for 90% of all greenhouse gasses.

You can help reduce this toxification of the environment or carbon emission by at least 50% by saving energy every opportunity you have. This includes turning down your thermostat a little in the winter and then high in the summer.

In addition to protecting the environment, comfortably regulating your thermostats will also let you save on energy bills. For effectiveness, install a programmable thermostat that is compatible with your cooling or heating system.

Also, try replacing regular light bulbs with LED or compact fluorescent bulbs, which produces 75% less heat and can last up to 10 times longer.

If your TV, computer, monitor and other electronic gadgets in the home are not in use, turn it off.  And make sure to do so too before bed. On average, idle machines take up 11% of the household’s energy use. But don’t just turn them off when idle, unplug from the wall socket to avoid power wastage. Note that electronic devices can still draw power when turned off but still plugged in to the power supply.

Also, as much as you can, use cold water or warm water for bath or your laundry, instead of hot water.

Reuse and recycle home items

Whenever you go shopping, make a preference for products that can be reused and recycled. If you have an old item (furniture, cloth, electronic device) in your home or that you no longer fancy, see if you can rebuild or recycle it to your new taste or simply donate or sell it (in a garage sale) to someone that might need it.

Get rid of it anyway environmentally convenient. But what you shouldn’t do is to let it pile up with other unused or discarded things in and around your home into a landfill.

Eat more organic foods

Food is central to our existence and is one of the most important ways you can adopt a greener lifestyle. By choosing to eat more organic or plant-based protein meals, and less meat, you’ll help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Besides, when you think about it, most of our meals come from thousands of miles away and have travelled around the world before reaching our table. Most of it is unhealthy to start it.

Also, avoid refined sugars. You already know that health-wise, it is bad for your waistline; but the processing is tough on the environment as well. Fruits and natural sweeteners are a greener, more natural option.

Green your personal care and leisure

A greener personal care and leisure products are simpler, more natural, more effective and more enjoyable. Go for sink baths to conserve water, use organic products and go for haircuts that are easy to manage. Also, don’t forget that eating healthy will give you a smoother and more natural looking skin and body.

If you want to indulge in some leisurely activity as a form of relaxation (we all do and need it), go for clean, healthy options. For example, feel like taking a cigarette? Go for the clean, odorless, and fine-tasting option of vaporizer instead such as the highly recommended magnetic induction and flavored Loto Lux.

Also, stop using plastic bottles. Avoid the waste, environmental degradation and hazard by rather refilling your own glass or steel water bottle.

Use less paper

Reduce your use of paper whenever you can. Send an email, rather than a letter. Catch up on the latest news and gossip on the electronic media, rather than on newspapers and magazines. Pay your bills online, use cotton napkins and towels, use recycled paper, and so save trees, as well as landfill space and trash.

Ditch your car keys; try hiking

Help reduce the large amount of carbon emission from daily city commute by cutting down on the number of times you drive. Occasionally, take a walk (if the distance is not so long), take a bus, ride a bicycle, and hop into a train for long distance journeys. You’ll be helping to sustain the environment, as well as save costs on gas.

Deciding to get more environmentally conscious or ‘greenvigorated’ with your lifestyle will fundamentally save you money and help you enjoy more natural living. It’s quite easy and noble, but it isn’t always sexy or so much fun for most people – at least at the initial time. But you can start by following these simple, assured steps.

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