Design Your Business To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


It can be difficult reducing our carbon footprint in a world which largely revolves around technology and the use of electricity. However, there are ways as a business owner that we can design our office and processes in order to stay green and eco-friendly.

  1. Cut Energy Bills

Reducing how much energy we use in the workplace is the first step to creating an eco-friendly environment. There are several ways in which you can increase the energy efficiency of your workplace, and one of those is to make sure you have a lot of natural light penetrating through during the day. The best way to ensure this is to install south-facing windows to increase the amount of light which comes into the office, lowering the need for lights to be switched on all the time. Secondly, make the switch to more energy efficient light bulbs, equipment and appliances in the building. You will see a huge difference in energy bills by making this change. Last of all, make steps to enable less devices in the workplace. The less devices you have, the lower your energy use. Invest in products which include all the features and software you need, as well as making smart choices for others. One example of this is Square: a small card reader which plugs into your smartphone. It allows you to take payment directly and means you don’t have to buy a card reader separately.

  1. Reduce Waste

By making changes to the way you run your business, you will be able to reduce the need for waste disposal. Try and recycle and upcycle as much as you can within the business, and avoid printing documents unless completely necessary.

  1. Higher Productivity

To boost the way your business runs and to make the most of the energy you use on a day-to-day basis, you will want to make sure that your staff are as productive as possible when working in the office. Any time spent staring at the computer screen or doing something else entirely is time where you are wasting energy. A great way to instil that productive mindset in your workers is to hold small meetings each week to discuss goals, achievements and issues. It will give you all a sense of direction and allow everyone to carry on with work in an efficient manner.

  1. Stay In The Loop

One way to make sure that you never miss out on a way to reduce your carbon footprint and go more eco is to always stay in the loop and understand any new regulations or breakthroughs in the business world. It may be that you come across a new way to fuel your heating in the office such as solar energy, or something else entirely. Staying up to date is the best way to ensure you are always as environmentally friendly as you can be.

  1. Branding and PR

Make sure that you advertise the fact that you are green, because it can actually attract a much more loyal customer base who believe in the same values as you, and it can also be a great way to increase you business’ success as you will be able to raise your prices.

Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
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