Greening Business Security In Five Easy Steps

greening business security

If there is one thing a business must have today, it’s a top of the line security system. Online hackers mean customer and company data is at risk. Sadly, a single breach can be enough to erode trust in the brand and bring a firm to its knees. So, investing in high-quality security features is the way forward.

However, there is a problem and it isn’t the cost: it’s the environment. Appliances such as CCTV Camera and voice recognition software add to the energy bill. The more energy you use, the worse it is for the planet as CO2 emissions increase.

The only solution is to green a security system without losing efficiency. Thankfully, the following tips can help you pull off the eco-friendliest heist ever.

Install Motion Detectors

Outside or exterior lights are an excellent way to scare off burglars because thieves need darkness. Of course, high-powered light fixtures burn a ton of energy if they are on all night. But, without the light, there is a chance a burglar may target the business’s premises. Motion detectors are an elegant solution because they only alert the light fixtures when they sense movement. There will be a crossover as people walk in and out of the premises at night. However, for the most part, the building should be quiet. Therefore, the detectors will prevent any unnecessary use and cut down on carbon consumption.

Download Security Apps

Motion detectors sound James Bondish, which means they are expensive.For the companies that are money conscious, an application is a simple fix. Think of it as having a smart meter at home. With the exterior lights hooked up to an app, you can turn them off and on at will and save energy. Security applications are useful for more than lights, too. Nowadays, it isn’t difficult to control a complex alarm system from a mobile device. All you have to do is log in and play around with the settings depending on the night’s circumstances. The fact that you can control the settings from home means there’s no reason to overpower an alarm system.

Use The Same Provider

Security companies are similar to insurance companies. Have you ever heard of a “multi-cover” policy? In short, it’s an agreement which takes care of a range of issues to keep the price low. By rolling it all into one, there is no reason for the holder to pay over the odds. Well, the same principle applies to business security. Every organization has weak areas which require coverage to limit the damage. From IT to hiring a guard, they all play a significant role in keeping the company safe. By using one partner for all your needs, the cost will be lower and so will the energy consumption. Because they control all your needs, they can do it at the click of a button. The more companies that are involved, the less efficient the process becomes.

Implement VR And AI

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are two areas which are transforming security. From an eco-friendly standpoint, they are revolutionizing the industry also. Logically, a business needs to legitimize its customers to ensure they are genuine. Digitally, it’s a difficult target to hit because it’s straightforward to create fakes names and accounts. However, a resource such as Netverify has a range of features which help to make a pipedream a reality. For example, there is ID, identity and documentation verification. How does this help the planet? It helps by syncing documents and limiting the use of paper. With a piece of ID software, printing should become a thing of the past. All a company has to do is electronically pair documents and data with customers to make sure they are legit.

Work With The Neighbors

It’s unusual for businesses to stand alone without any neighbors. Typically, the building will be in an industrial unit with three or four SMBs. Rather than see this as a problem, view it as an opportunity. The people who have the units next door can keep an eye on the property while you are away. Granted, it isn’t as technical as voice recognition software, but it doesn’t use as much energy. In fact, it doesn’t require any apart from glancing across the road. One thing to remember is that a neighborhood is a community and you will have to return the favor. However, it’s worth the hassle to know the ‘hood has got your back.

Big Brother is always watching, and, now, it doesn’t have to harm the environment.

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