How to Childproof Your Home in 4 Easy Steps

childproof outletOne of the most important things for your kids’ growing up is to make your home a completely safe environment for them. That is why every parent should childproof their home as soon as their baby is old enough to wander around your home.

Electrical ports are particularly dangerous and at the same time very appealing to children for reasons beyond our understanding. Therefore your number one priority should be to childproof the electrical outlets, wiring, and appliances. However, if you are not an experienced electrician you should avoid doing some of the items on this list on your own, as they could be equally dangerous to you as they are to your child.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of childproofing your home and protecting kids from harm.

Childproof Outlets

Obviously, the first place to start should be the outlets. Older homes have regular outlets which can be quite unsafe. To check this, look at the outlet. Are the slits where you should plug in a cord just holes, or do they have a protective plastic that prevents anything other than cords from being pushed into the outlet. If they do have this or another safety mechanism, you can rest assured you kid won’t get hurt or worse.

Child Gates

Sometimes, parents who install these gates are met with criticism. But limiting where your child can go has numerous advantages, as some parts of your home are inherently more dangerous to your children. They might wander off into the garage and think power tools are pretty nifty to play with or find that stash of chemicals you try to keep away from them.

The same goes for installing gates on stairs, to prevent children from falling down. They can also be useful for keeping kids away from the kitchen and the dangerous appliances there. Kids can’t tell if an oven or a stove is hot, or that a knife might hurt them. That’s why you have to do everything in your power to prevent them from getting into that situation.

Secure the Chemical Cabinet

Going back to the dangerous cleaning chemicals, you probably stash those away at a secure place. But you have to make sure the place is really secure, as kids can make their way to places you never could imagine. And for some reasons, dangerous chemicals seem to attract kids. Chemicals like bleach or chlorine can lead to a fatal outcome, which is why you have to go out of your way to keep them away from children.

A simple plastic stopper will usually do the trick, but kids learn their way past these very fast. That’s why you should secure the cabinet with a lock or install a magnetic door that won’t open unless you have the right magnet.

Secure the Shelves

As soon as they start walking, children try to find something to grab to support them. If they latch on to a shelf, that might turn out to be dangerous, as the shelves might easily fall on them. They also might find something on the shelf worth grabbing and start climbing the shelf to reach it. To make sure that doesn’t happen, make sure you secure the shelves to the wall. Also, make sure to store any breakable or heavy things somewhere they can’t hurt your kid.

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