10 Ways That People Who Have Pets Can Be Eco-Friendly

walk pets; eco-friendlyNowadays there are plenty of people who are concerned about the size of their carbon footprint. There are many ways that everyone can do their part in reducing how much waste we are leaving behind. Even pet owners can get in on the act. Here are 10 ways that people with pets can be eco-friendly.

Recycle Pet Food Cans

If your pet eats wet food out of a can, recycle the cans after you have fed them instead of throwing them away. By recycling, those cans can then be used for some other purpose instead of just taking up space in a landfill.

Donate to Shelters

Instead of throwing out old pet beds or food dishes, donate to a shelter if they are still in good condition. I am sure a shelter near you will benefit greatly from items that you are replacing. Call up the shelter to find out what they may need before just bringing the stuff over.

Adopt Your Pet

If you are thinking about adding a pet to your family, adopt them instead of buying from a pet store or breeder. Adopting a pet will leave space available at the shelter for other animals that also need a home.

Buy Products that are Eco-Friendly

When you purchase products for your pet, make sure to read the labels to check that the products, and the company making them, are eco-friendly. If they don’t use biodegradable materials in the packaging, don’t forget to recycle (and think twice before buying it).

Make Your Own Pet Treats

You can help the planet by not buying as many pet treats from the store. Use less waste and packaging by making your own pet treats. It’s easy and there are plenty of recipes online for healthy snacks.

Use Natural Treatments

When possible use natural treatments for your pet. CBD oil, particularly the type extracted from hemp, can be used for pets who suffer from various ailments such as digestive issues, diabetes, arthritis, and many others. You can go to this website to read more.

Use Real Plates

When you feed your pet, try and use pet dishes, or cheap reusable plates or bowls instead of paper or plastic. You can easily designate a specific plate or bowl that everyone in the house knows is for your pet so nothing gets mixed up.

Eco-Friendly Toys

Try your best to only purchase toys for your pet that come from an eco-friendly company. If the toys are eco-friendly as well it’s even better. There are plant-based toys out there that you can purchase.

Make Your Own Cleaners

Everyone knows that pets can create a lot of messes. You can do your part by limiting the chemicals used in your home by making your own cleaners. They often work better than the ones you find in the store that are full of chemicals.

Compost Pet Poop

Not many realize that your pet’s poop can be hazardous, especially to our water sources. However, it can be used as a compost ingredient. You can find tutorials online that show you how to properly use it for your compost.

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