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3 Tips to Cleaning Your Carpets This Winter

green cleaning carpetsThe winter season is probably the busiest time of the year when it comes to having to clean up your home and make sure that every part of it is in proper condition. From maintaining the furnace to cleaning your windows, every household chore that you normally do during warmer days double in difficulty during the winter. But that doesn’t mean that your best steam cleaner lays dormant for half the year.

The cold season is also a time when most people just choose to stay at home and enjoy the warmth indoors. Consequently, some things inside your home may be overused and may require more attention than they regularly do. And these include carpets; snow, dirt, and salt may accumulate fast especially on days when people come in and out of the house more often. Pets and kids playing indoors can also make your carpets in need of a deep clean more frequently than usual.

When cleaning your carpets, you don’t only always need to buy harmful chemicals that might not only damage the fibers but can also pose threat to the health of the household. You also don’t need to buy expensive equipment or pay for an expensive service to have it cleaned regularly. Check out these three tips for cleaning your carpets this winter and make your home look fabulous even during the cold season.

  1. Use a homemade cleaning solution.

A homemade cleaning solution is a cheaper, safer, and an effective alternative to carpet cleaners that we can find in the supermarket. For regular dirt removal, you can mix equal parts of vinegar and water and spray it directly onto the affected area. For tougher ones such as food and pet stains, you may add a little bit of salt and borax. Baking soda works well too. Just remember to wash the carpet using regular soap and water afterwards to completely remove the stains and odors.

  1. Use a combination of vacuum and steam cleaning.

It is highly advised to freshen up your carpet using a regular vacuum cleaner at least once a week to remove dust, dirt, and food crumbs. Steam cleaning should be done at least once every six months to effectively remove stains and microbes. It can also help you get rid of ants, cockroaches, mites, and other pests that love to hide beneath filthy carpets. Use a combination of these two chemical-free methods for best results.

  1. Consider green carpet cleaning.

Green carpet cleaning is an eco-friendly method to keep your carpet clean and bright as new. Instead of conventional chemicals, green carpet cleaning supplies are made from plant extracts and derivatives. These cleaning solutions also work similarly as regular detergents but they are not as harsh as those harmful chemicals that promise quick results. Although some people might find the need to reapply green carpet cleaning solutions twice or thrice to remove tougher stains or to use mild detergents to remove plant-based odors, these alternatives are guaranteed safe and eco-friendly.

You may also visit other websites to know more about the best method to clean your carpets. Check out what method works best for you and have a great and hassle-free winter season ahead.

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