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Go Green for Your Home Improvements

home improvementsHome improvements can be a nightmare, expensive and often difficult. They can really make you feel low. The best improvements can be simple, and you don’t always have to spend a lot of money.

Going green can be a bonus to this; it could also be the simple option you’re looking for. We all wish that our home would change magically overnight, but it doesn’t and the changes that you want to make will stay undone until you decide to pick up the tools and get to it.

How Can I Go Green?

There are plenty of ways that you can improve your home in a green and ecological way. It may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Your stairs for example might have seen better days, dated and squeaky you might be thinking of replacing them whilst asking yourself ‘how can I replace them whilst being green?’.

It’s simple; you can replace stair cladding or, if it’s something small, invest in new staircase parts. It’s better than replacing the entire staircase; it means fewer materials will be used to make your home look and feel better. You can go to this website for more information.

Recycle Where Possible

Another simple improvement is to instead of replacing wooden furniture, re-design it. Don’t buy new; give the old a new lease on life. Sand it down to give it an aged look or paint over it to change the colour scheme or your room.

You can do the same to sofas and chairs; it’s easy to have them reupholstered. Just pick a new pattern or material and out with the old in with the new. It will save you money, as well as being greener. Instead of buying new furniture and wasting materials, just give yours a makeover.

Whilst you’re making improvements, you might find a lot of things that you no longer need. Don’t just bin them, re-home them. By donating, you’re helping the environment and it could also benefit you.

Check charity shops for bargains, not everything needs to be brand new. It’s not always easy, but try to see the use in things before you get rid of them. Boxes, for example, might be useless to you but your children might be able to find a creative way to use them.

Use Less Energy

Whilst every new home comes insulated, if yours isn’t it really is worth investing in. It will keep the warmth in, enabling you to keep the heating low. It’s a perfect way to keep your energy use down whilst also protecting your home from the elements and saving money.

It’s not all about the big renovations; you can make small changes to your home. Use energy efficient light bulbs, they won’t take away or add any style but make for a much greener alternative. Using a lot of energy can really impact the environment, where ever you can make sure that you think efficient and green. Turn the lights of when you don’t need them and make sure that you recycle any old bulbs.

Green in the Garden

Going green can also extend to your garden. Add a composter to get rid of food waste. It’s an inexpensive, natural way of disposing your kitchen and garden waste and turning it into rich food for your garden. It reduces the amount of waste that is sent to landfill sites and it helps improve the structure of your soil. Your garden will flourish because of it.

These are only some tips on how to make green home improvements. There are hundreds of ways to ensure that your house is eco-friendly, some easier than others but they are all worth it. Whether you’re thinking large or small improvements – think green.

Clay Miller
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